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It's called "Known Universe," but this series explores some of the most fascinating mysteries of science. What is the likelihood of life on other planets? Could an asteroid wipe out the human race? What can volcanic activity on Jupiter tell us about deadly weather on Earth? Each hourlong episode dissects a specific topic using time-lapse sequences, slow-motion footage and computer animations that bring to life the latest research. And prominent experts guide viewers through the details and concepts to shed light on these astonishing aspects of our universe.

Latest episodes

aired 1,082 days ago
The collisions that created Earth and the moon; the people who work to stave off the apocalypse; violent impacts deep in the cosmos.
aired 1,082 days ago
Examining violent spots in space.
aired 1,082 days ago
Scientists search for planets with characteristics similar to Earth to see if they can support life.
aired 1,083 days ago
A look at the tools, techniques and materials that will be needed to build homes in space.
aired 1,187 days ago
The dangers of living in outer space.
aired 1,201 days ago
An exploration of volcanic eruptions throughout the solar system.
aired 1,201 days ago
The future of space travel and the time and distances involved in getting from Earth to the great beyond.
aired 1,208 days ago
Observations of the cosmos help ancient peoples create things that put mankind on the path to modern civilization.
aired 1,208 days ago
Earth's weather is compared to that of other planets; cataclysmic space weather that could cripple life on Earth.
aired 1,282 days ago
The circle of life from beginning to end.
aired 1,296 days ago
Using interplanetary phenomena to help predict natural disasters; physical sources of earthquakes and volcanoes beneath the Earth's crust.
aired 1,387 days ago
Exploring innovative ideas may allow people to harness raw materials in space.
aired 1,401 days ago
Transforming technology for the future.
aired 1,401 days ago
The latest advances in technology give scientists the tools to explore the far reaches of space and the depths of Earth's oceans.

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Brian Cox trata de comprender el tiempo. Desde un calendario hasta las Playas de Costa Rica.