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Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead a group of superheroes, the Justice League, into action in this animated series. The heroes must battle enemies that include space invaders and bizarre forces of magic as they try to defend Earth from the supervillains intent on destroying the planet. The heroes are up for any challenge as they embark on thrilling adventures. "Justice League Action" is part of the popular DC Universe of comic-book characters.

Latest episodes

aired 804 days ago
When Booster and the JLA come under attack by a mysterious and unrelenting new villain known as Red Velvet, Booster comes to realize she's actually the fiance he left at the altar.
aired 805 days ago
While the Justice League is away on a mission, Plastic Man is not only left in charge of the Watchtower, but also Superman's dog, Krypto.
aired 806 days ago
Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead the DC Super Heroes against their most infamous foes.
aired 807 days ago
Mr. Mxyzptlk creates mischief by endowing Shazam's well-meaning uncle Dudley with superpowers bigger than anyone in the league.
aired 808 days ago
When Green Lantern leaves his ring in an intergalactic restroom after washing his hands, leading him on a wild chase for the aliens who might have taken it.
aired 809 days ago
When Booster Gold starts to secretly give tours of the Watchtower to make some extra cash, he inadvertently brings in a super villain disguised as a tourist.
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Firestorm discovers that members of the Justice League have no memory of being superheroes, and it's up to him to help them remember in time to save the city.
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Stargirl has to enlist Constantine's help when Klarion the Witch Boy takes the place of the boy she's supposed to be babysitting.
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Toyman takes over the Justice League and turns our heroes into avatars in a diabolical video game.
VOD available
While escorting Mr. Mind between planets, Superman is attacked by Lobo, and seeks help from Space Cabbie.
VOD available
When Batman gets possessed by an evil Djinn named Uthool, Superman and other members of the Justice League must battle the Dark Knight.
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Believing he is saving a homeless man, Batman intervenes for a wizard who is on a mission to save Shazam.

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