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Intelligence Squared Debate

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Debates on the hot-button concerns of the day, with top experts on both sides of each issue; the audience has the opportunity to ask questions and vote on the motion before and after the debate.

Latest episodes

aired 657 days ago
The BBC's Nick Robinson chairs a debate on the big question dominating British politics - how Britain should leave the European Union.
aired 965 days ago
Should we be worried about so much wealth and influence over our lives being centralised by a handful of tech giants? Nik Gowing chairs a lively debate.
aired 1,196 days ago
In the West, President Putin's Russia is widely seen as an aggressor that needs to be kept in line. Nik Gowing chairs a debate in London whether the West should be blamed for the bad blood.
aired 1,245 days ago
A panel including Conrad Black and Ann Applebaum will be joined by an audience of 1000 in Central London for a debate to coincide with President Trump's 100th day in office.
aired 1,252 days ago
An Intelligence Squared debate from Sydney, Australia on whether political correctness has backfired?