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Inside North Korea's Dynasty

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The Kim family's dark and surreal story provides a fresh perspective on a nation ruled for more than seven decades by one dynasty.

Latest episodes

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Kim Jong Un takes power at the age of 28 and consolidates power by killing his uncle and half brother; the story of Un's friendship with basketball player Dennis Rodman and a breakdown of Un's historic 2018 summit with U.S. President Trump.
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At the close of the Cold War, North Korea loses Soviet patronage; Kim Jong Il starts a nuclear weapons program; his government makes counterfeit money and sets up factories making crystal meth; he parties while the country struggles economically.
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The decline of Kim Il Sung and the rise of his son, Kim Jong Il; how Jong uses filmmaking and propaganda to gain power; the story of how Jong kidnaps South Korean filmmakers and wages a terror campaign in the buildup to the Seoul Olympics.
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The story of how guerilla fighter Kim Il Sung rises to power, takes complete control of his country and makes himself a god in the eyes of his people; a chronicle of Sung's early days in power, including how he starts the Korean War.

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