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When a major news story happens, it often monopolizes airtime on the cable news networks, not leaving much time for other news to get reported with more than just a passing mention. That doesn't mean the other stories aren't important, though, and shouldn't be explored. "In Other News" puts such overlooked news stories in the spotlight, giving them the deserved attention that they missed out on when they originally occurred. Everybody remembers the extensive coverage Michael Jackson's death received, but do you know Farrah Fawcett died the same day? Probably not, because her passing was overshadowed by the King of Pop's. That's one example of a news story that didn't get much coverage in real time that is covered in this docuseries.

Latest episodes

aired 1,399 days ago
On Nov. 6, 2000, as election coverage dominates the news, another headline goes virtually unnoticed: the unfolding of the biggest drug bust in U.S. history.
aired 1,399 days ago
In late April 1992, the Los Angeles riots dominate the news, infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer stands trial, an Exxon executive vanishes, and a gunman in a North California school takes children hostage.
aired 1,406 days ago
On June 25, 2009, on the same day Michael Jackson's death dominates the headlines, Farrah Fawcett dies, a governor's scandal gets revealed, and a highly-debated climate bill goes to a vote.

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