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In Deep Shift With Jonas Elrod

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Filmmaker Jonas Elrod turns his attention away from feature-length documentaries and toward TV series with "In Deep Shift," which focuses on people who are going through changes in their lives. The folks featured on the program go through a healing process that results in a spiritual transformation. Some episodes feature everyday people while others shine a light on celebrities, including former quarterback Vince Young, who struggles to find a purpose in his post-retirement life, and singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette, who withdrew from the public eye during the height of her fame to focus on bettering herself.

Latest episodes

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Singer and song-writer Alanis Morissette turned inward at the height of her career; Elrod uncovers her renewed faith.
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Comedian and TED Talk speaker Maysoon Zayid found a new perspective while living with Cerebral Palsy.
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Flight attendant Karen Perry lost her three children in a plane crash; her grief leads her to new places.
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Ester Nicholson, author of "Soul Recovery," discusses her escape from an abusive relationship and drug addiction.
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Former NFL quarterback Vince Young retired in 2014 after battling depression and financial problems; Young attempts to begin life after football with a new purpose.
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Amanda Lindgren survived a mass shooting in Colorado in 2012; her boyfriend did not; Amanda tries to honor him in his passing.
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After Jen lost almost 200 pounds, she still couldn't shake her poor body image until she realized she needed to turn inward.
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Mary was an orthopaedic surgeon that had a near-death experience; her survival led to a spiritual shift.

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