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I'm Sorry

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Andrea Savage ("Veep," "Episodes") created and stars in this half-hour scripted comedy as writer, wife and mom Andrea, whose outward confidence belies an inner immaturity and neuroses that manifests in unexpected ways. Alongside her more straitlaced husband, Mike, and their inquisitive daughter Amelia, Andrea does her best to navigate her life's oftentimes self-induced complications.

Latest episodes

aired 26 days ago
Andrea offers to host the memorial service for her great uncle and learns some surprising information about Jennifer's new boyfriend.
aired 26 days ago
When Andrea's neighbor begins renting his house out on Airbnb, Andrea tries to avoid a confrontation; Andrea and Mike struggle to find a new baby sitter.
aired 26 days ago
Andrea realizes she has to end a friendship that's gone on too long; a lice breakout at Amelia's school hits home.
aired 26 days ago
Andrea learns she has a medical condition and decides to have surgery to correct it; Amelia's school project on her family tree leads to some new discoveries.
aired 327 days ago
Andrea tries to get her friend, Jennifer, to open up about her divorce; Andrea and Mike explore new territory in their relationship.
aired 327 days ago
Andrea learns that a teacher's aide at Amelia's school is being cheated on and debates whether to tell her; when Amelia spends the night at her grandfather's place, Andrea is forced to have an uncomfortable conversation.
aired 327 days ago
As the holidays approach, Andrea is stressed at work and agrees to get a massage to relax; Andrea and Mike try to teach Amelia the value of a dollar.
aired 327 days ago
After the kids are given an unfortunate party favor, Andrea and Mike are forced to explain a major life lesson to Amelia; Andrea learns that sometimes comedy bits can go too far.
aired 327 days ago
Andrea and Mike feel a little off in their relationship and struggle to get back on track; Andrea realizes that there's a downside to having a child who can read.
aired 327 days ago
As Amelia begins kindergarten, Andrea and Mike learn what it's like to have other people influence her life; Andrea wonders how much she would make as a prostitute.
aired 391 days ago
Celebrating Mike and Andrea's anniversary with a sneak peek at the Season 2 finale of "I'm Sorry."
aired 453 days ago
When Andrea's recently divorced friend asks her to throw a Goddess Party, Andrea does her best to figure out what that is and how to do it with a straight face.
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Andrea's friend Kyle is getting weirder with age, so she sets him up with Amelia's preschool teacher; Andrea's father starts hitting on her married mother.
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Andrea sets up a playdate with the new girl in Amelia's class and becomes horrified to learn that Amelia might be racist; when preparing for a dinner party for Mike's coworkers, Andrea contracts a painful medical condition.
VOD available
Andrea discovers a titillating secret, which she can't quite get past, about another mom at her daughter's school, and she plays phone tag with her doctor's office, causing everyone to wonder why the doctor is calling her on a Saturday.
aired 455 days ago
A seemingly confident, together comedy writer, wife and mom, is forced to expose her inner immaturity and neuroses as life hands her situations she was never prepared for.
aired 457 days ago
Worried about getting older, Andrea and Mike check in on their fertility; Andrea confronts her father about his increasingly odd behavior.
aired 457 days ago
With Mike away on business and Amelia at Andrea's mother's house, Andrea finds herself home alone for the first time in years.
aired 464 days ago
Andrea and Mike meet a new family they hope to befriend, but things become awkward during a playdate.
aired 464 days ago
Andrea pushes her divorced friend Jennifer back into dating so she can live vicariously through her, but ends up regretting their night out.
aired 467 days ago
A very merry sneak peek of season 2 of "I'm Sorry."

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