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"I Am Rebel" profiles unfamiliar yet game-changing rebels, radicals and mavericks who believe the only path to change is by breaking rules. Executive produced by "The Bourne Identity" director Doug Liman, the action-packed, character-driven series is told entirely through first-person interviews and stylish re-creations that blur the line between feature films and documentaries. Each episode centers on one individual and his or her unlikely impact on modern history, as told by the person's closest friends, confidants and often the rebel himself or herself.

Latest episodes

aired 441 days ago
A computer hacker exposes security threats in the 1980s and is hunted by the FBI.
aired 442 days ago
A pioneer chemist wars with the DEA when his psychedelic PTSD cure becomes a party drug.
aired 448 days ago
New York's first crime scene photographer chronicles violent Prohibition-era gang warfare.
aired 456 days ago
A botched plane hijack by three Detroit men in 1972 triggers airport security reforms.

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