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Hypnotize Me

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A comedy game show hosted by Taye Diggs features physical comedy and unpredictable situations. Contestants work together in teams and are challenged to complete a variety of simple everyday tasks, from frosting a cake to blowing up balloons, after being hypnotized. With big money at stake, contestants need to work together as a team. However, their entranced states cause hysterical hurdles that not only sabotage their progress, but reveal aspects of their personalities that have never been seen. Hypnotist Keith Barry acts as resident hypnotist.

Latest episodes

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While hypnotized, contestants revisit subjects like art, science, gym and even a take a pop quiz.
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Contestants gear up for some carnival fun and must milk a cow while hypnotized to believe they are a disgusted Kim Kardashian and make carnival treats as a professional juggler, causing hilarious hurdles that unwittingly sabotage their success.
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Contestants are challenged to sculpt Greek pottery and make authentic Italian pizzas while hypnotized to think they are Patrick Swayze and that everyone is naked.

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