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Follow a cast of kids and their talking horses on creative adventures. Based on the AOL game Horseland Junior, children learn about competition, compassion and caring for animals in this fantasy-inspired cartoon that is set, fittingly enough, on a horse ranch.

Latest episodes

aired 574 days ago
Molly must face her horse riding fear to help save Sarah's horse.
aired 575 days ago
Alma has trouble accepting responsibility for her failures when she skips several practices.
aired 576 days ago
Chloe and Zoey each sell a treasured possession to get money to buy a gift for the other.
aired 578 days ago
The gang remembers the day Sarah arrived at Horseland and their first impressions of her.
aired 580 days ago
Pepper goes on a crash diet that has dire consequences.
aired 581 days ago
Chloe and Zoey try to use a visiting princess to their social advantage, but they inadvertently start fawning over the wrong person.
aired 582 days ago
An invitation to be in the Heritage Day parade causes conflict as everyone argues about what to wear to represent various heritages and still be a team.
aired 585 days ago
Newborn twin foals are brought to Horseland while their mother recuperates, leading some of the horses to feel jealous of the attention lavished on the newcomers.
aired 586 days ago
Molly gets her first cell phone but needs a lesson in cell phone etiquette.
aired 587 days ago
Zoey and Chloe decide to edit Molly's Web site and get a little carried away with their reporting.
aired 588 days ago
Everyone practices voluntary water conservation except Chloe, but somehow Zoe gets the blame.
aired 589 days ago
A revered racehorse named River comes to Horseland to recuperate from an operation.
aired 592 days ago
Bailey brings an abandoned puppy home to Horseland, not realizing that Alma and Shep feel jealous and rejected.
aired 593 days ago
The children jump to the conclusion that a new resort being built adjacent to Horseland will destroy the idyllic countryside.
aired 594 days ago
Zoey learns her preconceived notions were wrong when an American Indian girl and her horse come to Horseland.
aired 595 days ago
Sarah's cousin visits while Horseland is preparing for an anniversary celebration.
aired 596 days ago
Alma believes Molly is spreading rumors about Sarah.
aired 599 days ago
Alma tries to alter her riding style to better compete against an opponent; Chloe and Zoey want to learn to be nice.
aired 600 days ago
Sarah becomes trapped in a cave with another rider while in France for an international exhibition.
aired 602 days ago
The kids model dangerous riding clothes.
aired 603 days ago
Zoey has trouble letting go of a bird that she nursed back to health.

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