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Homicide Hunter: Beyond the Badge

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Lt. Joe Kenda recounts unsolved cases, his timeless dedication to working on them; and reflects on imparting wisdom to a rookie about how all victims and all leads matter.

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Lt. Joe Kenda reveals the only way to stop being haunted by a case.

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Lt. Joe Kenda spent 23 years in the Colorado Springs Police Department, where he amassed a lifetime of memories catching killers and helping solve close to 400 homicide investigations. The vivid memories are brought back to life in this hourlong series, as Kenda reopens his "Murder Books" for viewers -- folders in which every detail of his murder cases is held -- to revisit the most disturbing cases still haunting him today. As he details the process of how he solved the crimes, Kendra also embarks on a personal journey, coming to terms with long-suppressed nightmares. As he says, "I don't want to tell these stories. I need to."
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Investigation Discovery's true-crime series, "Home Sweet Homicide," explores murders committed in the sanctuary of victims' homes. Homeowners are suffused with a sense of safety after locking their doors, enabling their home security systems and turning on all their lights. However, cold-blooded killers violate this sense of safety, using it against their victims, who are taken unawares in the one place where they felt free from danger. Planning the perfect crime, home invaders become acquainted with their targets' routines and familiarize themselves with the layouts of their houses. In one episode, a young mother is found brutally murdered in her home in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y., and detectives scratch their heads over snowy footprints that lead up to her house but not away from it. In another, a top real estate agent vanishes after meeting a new client, and police must find out if anyone had a reason to harm her.
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Retired Detective Garry McFadden is a 34-year veteran of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) and one of its most decorated law enforcement officers. The dapper detective is also a TV personality who stars in "I Am Homicide." Now, he returns in ID's true-crime series, "Homicide City: Charlotte," to reveal the city's darkest secrets. McFadden and his CMPD colleagues recall their most unforgettable cases and resurrect the most dramatic murders that ever took place in the teeming southern city of Charlotte, N.C.
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Working for nearly three decades with the Charlotte (N.C.) Police Department, Detective Gary McFadden has developed unorthodox methods that have helped him solve more than 700 homicide cases. He has a 90-percent success rate with the investigations he pursues. "I Am Homicide" shows how Detective McFadden uses his street smarts to work the neighborhood networks and gather critical information for leads, at times risking his life by trusting the streets he calls home. His "office" is a local diner instead of the police precinct, which allows him to truly get to know residents across the city and gain their confidence. He goes anywhere, talks to anyone, and follows any lead with or without backup assistance -- all the while looking dapper in tailored suits.
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Maybe it's the jealous ex, the co-worker seeking revenge, or perhaps a predator with an appetite for blood? Whatever the motives, crimes are most often solved by relentless investigators searching for the truth and following clues wherever they may lead. This series explores the emotional stories of those attempting to find closure in homicide investigations, from the victims' families to the dedicated police officers. Hourlong episodes present compelling versions of what may have happened and stylized re-enactments of events from different perspectives as new evidence emerges.