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Home Made Simple

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Based on the easy living principles found on the popular website, this series features solutions to everyday domestic challenges. A team of experts -- led by the show's host -- works with families to simplify their homes and lives by tackling around-the-house DIY projects, providing money-saving decorating tips, creating quick-and-easy meals, and much more. The creative and fresh ideas not only help shrink that to-do list but also transform a tired house into a home, sweet home.

Latest episodes

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Hillary and her Aussie husband Matt love to entertain, but their empty and awkwardly-shaped backyard is not welcoming to guests; Laila and the HMS team swoop in to give their new mates a resort-style outdoor space perfect for entertaining.
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A family area is created in the Rodriguez family's master bedroom.
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Actor Elliot is a single father who recruits help transforming his mellow yellow living room into a fresh, modern space perfect for entertaining.
aired 12 days ago
Newly retired, Dr. Kerry Cox has golf and travel in his sights, but his sons envision a family-owned shoe company instead; now, designer Lauren Makk turns Kerry's vintage home office into a modern and functional space.
aired 19 days ago
After Ami is diagnosed with cancer, her sister, Boots, moves in to help care for her; but Ami's rock-n-roll design style does not work for both of them; the team comes to the rescue with a surprise, deciding each sister will work on the other's room.
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Sam and Karina receive a new baby with the help of friend and surrogate Lori.
aired 26 days ago
After struggling to conceive, the Cruzes rejoice when their daughter is born; now, she's getting older and wants a sibling; Laila Ali and her team create a bohemian master bedroom sanctuary for the parents who are preparing for a new child.
aired 26 days ago
A loving wife and busy mother who works full time as a speech therapist for students with special needs has never had a master bedroom that captures her heart; now, the team makes her dream come true.
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The team helps a bachelor shed his bleak bachelor style and create a hotel chic bedroom that his new wife will swoon over.
aired 33 days ago
The team helps a single mother start fresh by transforming her fragmented living room into a functional and sophisticated space that includes some of her fondest memories with updated family heirlooms.
aired 33 days ago
A woman is a hip podcaster and community activist, but her home office doesn't reflect her fabulousness; the team transforms the room into a stylish control station with updated technology to help her business ventures boom.
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The Valencianos' caretaker, Yaya, has worked for the family for over three decades; the family reaches out to the team to turn Yaya's cramped room into a relaxing, spa-inspired space.
aired 40 days ago
Mirna and Santos fled a war to live the American dream and raise three sons in the process; celebrating this success story with a new modern rustic living and dining room and surprise backyard set to begin their next chapter.
aired 40 days ago
A young couple meets via a dating app; two years after moving into his home, the master bedroom still doesn't feel like hers; Laila and the team turn the drab bedroom into the master retreat they both desire.
aired 61 days ago
Newlyweds Marjory and Chris put sweat equity into their new home, but their baby arrives early before the nursery is finished; Laila and the team turn a room into a beautiful nature-themed oasis.
airs in 8 days
Born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Sasha has had incredible success with art therapy; bare garage is turned into the new headquarters for this amazing girl's non-profit that uses art to raise funds for other kids.
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Homeowners Barbara and James run a family catering business and shelter less fortunate members of their community, but they have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors; the team steps up to fix their botched kitchen.

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