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The Bayer-Boatwrights of Portland, Ore., appear to be a model family, made up of members from different countries and backgrounds, reflecting the multicultural potential of the country. Philosophy professor Greg and his wife, former therapist-turned-school consultant Audrey, have three adopted children, Ashley, Duc and Ramon -- from Liberia, Vietnam, Colombia, respectively -- and biological daughter Kristin, the youngest at 17. As Greg approaches a milestone birthday, series domestic issues begin to emerge that threaten to ruin the family's very way of life, forcing Greg and Audrey to hire Dr. Farid Shokrani, a Muslim psychiatrist with demons of his own.

Latest episodes

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Ramon goes missing after a disturbing family incident; Audrey clashes with Steve; Ashley and Malcolm weigh the pros and cons of a corporate future; Farid's guilt drives him to extremes; a cataclysmic event shakes the family to its core.
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Greg and Audrey uncover unpleasant truths about Ramon's adoption; Kristen and Navid embrace their connection, but pay a price; Audrey has second thoughts about Steve after his true intentions are exposed; Ashley considers a lucrative business offer.
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Audrey turns the tables on Greg; Ramon and Duc look to Carmen for enlightenment; Kristen plots revenge.
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Greg joins Ramon and Kristen at the gaming expo; Duc takes out his frustrations on a fellow biker; Audrey and Steven reminisce; Ashley questions her place in society and her relationship with Malcolm; Navid and Kristen plot revenge against Madison.
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A disturbing revelation forces Ramon to escape into the past; Kristen takes comfort in the music of the Torah; Audrey's old college friend is receptive to her Empathy Initiative pitch; Greg submits a foreword to Duc's upcoming self-help book.
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Farid has trouble separating professional and personal perspectives after Ramon's most recent incident; Kristen and Navid stumble onto potentially incriminating activity; Duc and Carmen make a pledge over tea.
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Greg and Audrey look to the past to find financing for the Empathy Initiative; Kristen partners with Farid's son in a school project, and learns there is more to him than meets the eye; Ramon worries that he may have shared too much with Henry.
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Greg gets detoured on the way to an ethics convention; Audrey lands in the media crosshairs after a hate crime at school; Duc reveals the secret to staying in control; Shokrani looks for unconventional help to get him through a wedding.
VOD available
Ramon and Shokrani explore the possible psychic connection between "11:11" and a photograph in the doctor's office; Kristen and Ashley run into trouble; a medical diagnosis causes Greg to lose his cool; Ramon crashes a family meeting.
VOD available
As a philosophy professor's 60th birthday party approaches, cracks appear on the surface of his multiracial family's perfect image; Ashley desires to shake up her marriage; Audrey and Greg take Ramon to a therapist.

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