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Happy Harmonies

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Animated cartoons produced by Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising between 1934 and 1938.

Latest episodes

aired 386 days ago
Ducks and chickens eye the neighbor's garden.
aired 407 days ago
The Three Little Kittens tie helium balloons to a basket and travel to the Milky Way.
aired 414 days ago
A hobo flea finds an unoccupied dog and settles in.
aired 421 days ago
The maestro conducts his orchestra of assorted animals.
aired 428 days ago
A newsmagazine depicts the struggle of one bear as he becomes drafted into the Army and gets put through basic training.
aired 435 days ago
A storm hits while Mr. Bear is trying to fix his leaky roof.
aired 470 days ago
The barn is having a baby contest.
aired 477 days ago
A squirrel is bought into a pet shop to be the companion of a dog with so much strength that he squeezes his playmates to death.
aired 484 days ago
Daisy is swept away by a tempting city slicker; when Daisy finds she's only been seduced to the city so she can do laundry, she returns to the country and marries Lem.
aired 491 days ago
Barney takes a little one-seater plane out for a spin.
aired 498 days ago
Spike takes a job running the house of a hibernating bear.
aired 505 days ago
Officer Pooch answers a call to rescue a kitten after an aggressive little dog chases it up telephone poles and trees.
aired 512 days ago
Barney tries to use psychology to tame the neighbor's son.
aired 519 days ago
A Chinese emperor is moved by the song of a nightingale and has it made into a music box.
aired 568 days ago
Barney's visiting nephews have other plans for winter.
aired 575 days ago
A chicken locates six of her seven hatched chicks.
aired 582 days ago
A millionaire leaves his entire fortune to one of his two dogs.
aired 603 days ago
A cat interrupts a Christmas reading.
aired 610 days ago
The crew steps in when the Captain plays Santa.
aired 624 days ago
Partners in a mine, Butch and Droopy finally strike gold.
aired 631 days ago
Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock.

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