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Hank Zipzer

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Hank Zipzer is a 12-year-old boy in London who suffers from dyslexia. Hank's life is full of misadventures due to his dyslexia and he is joined by his friends Franky and Ashley and his arch nemesis, Nick McKelty. "Hank Zipzer," is based off the children's book series of the same name written by Henry Winkler who also stars as Hank's music teacher, Mr. Rock. The series is based on Winkler's own battle with dyslexia.

Latest episodes

aired 279 days ago
Ms. Adolf gives the pupils an assignment to write an essay about their summer holidays.
aired 336 days ago
Nick oversteps the mark when he picks on Hank's little sister Emily.
aired 851 days ago
After another bad parents' evening, Stan becomes determined to get Hank a good education; Hank fights to stay at Westbrook Academy and stay with his friends.
aired 853 days ago
Hank has his heart set on asking Anya to the Valentine's dance, but soon discovers that this year's Valentine's Day is doing funny things to people; Hank ends up in a pickle when he tries to please more than one girl.
aired 854 days ago
A seat on Westbrook's school council becomes available; Hank uses charm, personality and Rosa's pastries to try to stop it from going to McKelty.
aired 855 days ago
Hank makes big plans to show Westbrook Academy's potential newcomers that not everyone is as boring as McKelty.
aired 856 days ago
Hank and Stan become excited when they learn that their new headmaster, Mr. Joy, is bringing their favorite soccer player to Westbrook Academy.
aired 860 days ago
Hank is thrown into panic mode when Ms. Adolf decides to use him as her pet project to prove that she is the best candidate to be the new head teacher.
aired 861 days ago
Hank decides to show Stan and Rosa just how capable he is by being the first person ever to make it through Ms. Adolf's weekend survival camp; Papa Pete tries to make it through a single day of Emily helping out at the deli.
aired 862 days ago
It's Friday afternoon and tomorrow, Hank will be in charge of the coolest stall at the school fair, so this weekend is going to be amazing; Emily's room is redecorated.
aired 863 days ago
Hank's school photo is always terrible; this year, he's making sure his photo is picture perfect, until McKelty ruins it with a fizzy drink; Hank must get clean and tidy and back in front of the camera before the photographer leaves.
aired 864 days ago
Hank meets a cool girl, Zoe, and falls head over heels in love.
aired 865 days ago
When Hank wants the greatest birthday party of all time, Stan and Rosa have other ideas; Hank throws a secret party of his own in the den.
aired 867 days ago
Hank can't believe his luck when he is chosen to host the Japanese exchange student.
aired 868 days ago
It's the last week of term and the school is taking part in a fun activities week.
aired 869 days ago
Stan comes up with some alternative therapies to try to help Hank with his learning difficulties.
aired 870 days ago
Hank works in the deli to earn a new pair of the latest cool sneakers.
aired 871 days ago
Hank is distraught when he gets a terrible school report and tries to hide it.
aired 872 days ago
With Emily in hospital having her tonsils out and a history project due, Hank decides that the best possible course of action is to take Katherine - Emily's lizard and best friend - into school.
aired 874 days ago
Hank thinks new boy Ben is totally cool and is amazed to discover that the feeling is mutual.
aired 875 days ago
Rosa decides that Stan and Hank need to bond so she signs them up for the school debate competition.

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