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When American student Molly is murdered while studying in London, her roommate, Grace, becomes the prime suspect in the crime. Being thrust into the spotlight makes Grace a popular target for people in the media and on social media. Hoping to help clear her sister's name, Natalie leaves her life in Boston to go to London to defend Grace, assisted by ethically questionable lawyer Stan. As new information starts to come out, ugly truths emerge that force Natalie to question whether her sister is innocent. Natalie and Stan eventually realize that the mystery surrounding Molly's death goes all the way up to the royal family.

Latest episodes

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The jury deliberates Grace's fate; Detectives Bruno and Pike attempt to find a link between the Molly Ryan case and the Hertfordshire murder; Stan and Natalie work to buy time; Patrick believes that Prince Theo is the murderer.
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British tabloids shred Grace as she stands trial for Molly Ryan's murder; Stan works to cast doubt on Grace's guilt while Natalie and Bruno search for new evidence to prove her innocence.
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Grace agrees to undergo hypnosis at Stan's urging, to rediscover why she may have blacked out; Natalie goes to Bruno for help.
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Natalie begins to doubt Grace's innocence as the case against her sister mounts; Stan tips off the press that Molly worked as a prostitute; Charlotte confronts Prince Theo as his lies begin to unravel.
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Gwendolyn puts pressure on Luc to give up Grace, but Luc sticks to his story about being with Grace all night; Grace teams up with Roz to plant evidence on a new suspect.
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Grace is bombarded by paparazzi as she exits the police station; a good Samaritan shows up to her rescue but she soon suspects is intentions aren't so pure; Natalie enlists the help of Detective Bruno to find her sister; Patrick goes undercover at a swank sex club in hopes of finding his sister's killer.
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Natalie learns that Gwendolyn may be biased in her investigation of Grace; a past indiscretion comes back to haunt Detective Sergeant Bruno; Grace encourages Luc to move ahead with his art show.
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Bullies attack Grace on social media after Molly's murder becomes a worldwide story; Prince Theo worries that his connection to Molly may become public; James gets blackmailed with incriminating photos.
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Stan warns Grace not to attend Molly's memorial; Natalie becomes suspicious of James' evasive behavior; Molly's brother has a confrontation with one of the prime suspects in her murder.
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An American woman travels to London to defend her sister after she becomes the prime suspect in her roommate's brutal murder.

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