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Growing Up Hip Hop: New York

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WE tv expands on its hit franchise with "Growing Up Hip Hop: New York." In this reality series, the scions of hip-hop royalty navigate life in the Big Apple while looking for love and hustling to prove their mettle in the music industry. They enjoy the perks life has to offer while trying to avoid the pitfalls associated with being the sons and daughters of famous parents. The drama-filled episodes spotlight fractured relationships, sibling rivalries, arrests, love triangles, pregnancies, DNA tests, and more. The cast includes Ja Rule and children Jeff Bruce Atkins Jr. and Brittney Atkins; music mogul Irv Gotti and children Angie Pearson and Jonathan "JJ" Wilson Lorenzo; Fat Joe with son Ryan Cartagena; Charli Baltimore and daughter DJ Siaani; Young Dirty Bastard; Flavor Flav and children Da'Zyna, Quan and Will; JoJo Simmons; Lil' Mama and brother Arnstar; Kid Capri with daughter Vina Love and industry manager Madina Milana.

Latest episodes

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All hell breaks loose when Madina and Vina show up at Da'Zyna's video shoot with a vengeance; Will wants to sleep with the enemy; Ryan flips out when Fat Joe cuts him off; ODB's death resurfaces and strikes a painful chord with his kids.
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Drama blows up at Ja Rule's house when Jeff's graduation party spirals into chaos; a neighbor war breaks out and the cops are called; Da'Zyna pops off on Madina over Quan's management; rivalries ensue when Charli Baltimore is dissed to her face.
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A crisis strikes Flavor Flav and shakes him to his core; a shocking DNA test jeopardizes a romantic rendezvous between YD and Da'Zyna; a Gotti family scandal resurfaces where old beefs and resentments threaten to derail the Murder Inc Reunion Tour.
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JoJo is shook when he faces trouble with the cops; Charli Baltimore confronts Irv Gotti about unsettled beef; Ryan crosses Madina and Vina.
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JoJo's showcase runs amok and things take a drastic turn when the police get involved; Da'Zyna is pushed over the edge and throws in the towel on managing Quan; Fat Joe questions if Ryan can master the stage; Kid Capri stops Siaani in her tracks.
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Flavor Flav throws a grenade on Da'Zyna and YD's budding romance; Irv and Deb have a fiery confrontation over JJ's arrest; Charli's leg injury threatens to derail the Murder Inc. tour; Siaani goes on a mission to replace her absent "momager."
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Ryan's listening party is derailed by tears, drama and a meltdown; Flavor Flav and Da'Zyna expose their issues; Madina pops off on Lil Mama; sparks fly between Ryan and Vina; Arnstar is shaken after Vina confronts him about their relationship status.
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Da'Zyna drops a bomb on her brothers; Flavor Flav causes drama when the family reunites; Deb finds out about JJ's weed arrest; Lil Mama and Angela face off; Siaani clashes with "momager" Charli Baltimore when she arrives in New York.
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At YDB's birthday celebration, his baby mama grills his side chick, Da'Zyna; a fight breaks out, and Madina goes ballistic; Lil Mama faces the wrath of her father; Charli Baltimore's daughter, Siaani, lands in New York to pursue her DJ career.
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Angela Simmons enters to settle unfinished business with Lil Mama; YDB steps out on his pregnant girlfriend with Flavor Flav's daughter, Da'Zyna; sparks fly between Vina Love and Arnstar; Fat Joe schools Ryan on making it in the rap game.
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The ongoing feud between Madina, Vina and Da'Zyna explodes and comes to blows; Flavor Flav and Kid Capri face off; Irv Gotti sits down with Fat Joe and Ja Rule to confront the Ashanti scandal; a melee threatens danger and shuts the cameras down.
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Charli and Madina's feud comes to a head at the Murder Inc event; Irv goes ballistic; DNA results reveal more about Da'Zyna and YD; Flav's drinking spirals out of control.
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A Gotti family secret begins to spiral; Ja Rule's kids suffer from backlash over Fyre Festival; Da'Zyna must put aside her "daddy issues" with Favor Flav for the sake of brother Quan's rap career; Fat Joe and his son, Ryan, clash over his dreams.

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