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Florida and James Evans struggle to raise their kids - irrepressible artist JJ, voice-of-reason Thelma, and politically active Michael - in a Chicago housing project. They have help from wisecracking neighbors, buffoonish building superintendents and friends.

Latest episodes

aired 548 days ago
J.J.'s far-reaching search for a date overlooks an eager candidate who takes some dangerous steps to ensure that she'll never be forgotten again.
aired 551 days ago
Good fortune shines on the Evans family and creates the happiest day of Florida's life.
aired 552 days ago
A visit from Florida's wealthy cousin brings expensive gifts for everyone until Florida discovers just where all the money is coming from.
aired 553 days ago
Florida's anxious search for a doctor turns to anger when the only one she finds is too busy to be interested in her problem.
aired 554 days ago
Willona is forced into the stand of a lifetime when Penny's natural mother arrives.
aired 555 days ago
Florida's efforts to pass an important medical exam at work may be thwarted by a well-meaning gift from the children she cares most about.
aired 558 days ago
J.J. has something that Sweet Daddy wants and whether or not he gets it will be a matter of life or death.
aired 559 days ago
J.J. has some fast decisions to make when he mistakenly enters an important art contest with someone else's painting.
aired 560 days ago
The Evans family tries to discover the source of Keith's anger and depression.
aired 561 days ago
When Keith's boss refuses to let him off on Christmas Eve, the Evans family celebrates "on the road."
aired 562 days ago
Florida takes charge of a group of children trapped in a deserted building during a snowstorm.
aired 565 days ago
Florida's interest in one of her passengers solves one problem, but creates another.
aired 566 days ago
Florida's concern for one of her passengers puts her at odds with the child's mother.
aired 567 days ago
The Evans family decides to buy its first house and discovers major obstacles.
aired 568 days ago
An unemployed J.J. is torn between his emotions and the facts when a girlfriend returns to town.
aired 569 days ago
J.J. could pay terribly for being the sole witness to a serious car accident.
aired 572 days ago
Michael stuns the family with his decision to move out of the house.
aired 573 days ago
J.J. tries his hand at giving art lessons, with unexpected results.
aired 574 days ago
J.J. could have the answer to Florida's need to find work for herself.
aired 575 days ago
Willona makes an effort to protect Penny from learning the facts of life.
aired 576 days ago
Thelma's new husband stands to lose his contract and J.J. faces the jaws of a greedy loan shark.

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