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Gold Rush: Pay Dirt

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Mining for gold.

Latest episodes

aired 202 days ago
Rick must choose between mining for gold and putting together his wash plant; the Beets may have discovered the mother lode; Parker tests his new co-foreman; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 215 days ago
Monica races to run newly thawed paydirt that could save the season; Parker constructs a mega pond to keep his operation running; Rick troubleshoots a problem with his wash plant and gears up to end his season strong.
aired 222 days ago
A machine failure causes an explosive uprising on Rick's claim; Parker's team tries to build a mountain of pay dirt; Tony decides to run his operation around the clock to increase his gold total.
aired 229 days ago
Parker tries to double his output to bring home the gold; the Beets' only remaining operation grinds to a halt; huge rocks threaten to shut Rick down for good; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 236 days ago
Parker tries to meet his mining goal by moving his Big Red wash plant; Rick runs his wash plant at maximum speed, which yields surprising results; with just one operation, Tony's entire season is threatened; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 243 days ago
Rick gets thrown a lifeline after pulling the plug on his operation, potentially salvaging his season; Parker and Tony battle frozen pay dirt in their search for gold; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 250 days ago
Rick hunts for nuggets with a secret weapon; Tony faces a catastrophe at his settling pond; Parker hires a greenhorn to help the crew get ahead; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 264 days ago
Rick tries to outsmart a vital piece of equipment that has a mind of its own; Parker hopes to get more gold by splurging on a brand new toy; the Beets try to turn around the season by bringing in a hired gun; with inside facts and bonus scenes.
aired 278 days ago
Rick's season hangs in the balance when an engineering disaster shuts him down; Parker sinks a ton of money into a new claim; Tony gets a third operation running; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 285 days ago
Parker brings in a new crew member; the Beets run an important test on Monica's Hunker Creek claim; Rick calls on Freddy Dodge to fix Monster Red; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 292 days ago
Rick gets Monster Red running after losing his only way to mine; a storm shuts Parker down; the Beets get Monica's gold-rich cut up and running; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 306 days ago
Rick hopes a monster wash plant will help him find big nuggets; Tony Beets' latest claim has flooding problems; Parker must relocate Big Red in record time so he can get back in the gold hunt; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 320 days ago
Parker questions his new foremen as he begins to second guess the ground he's mining; Tony Beets' decision to move the family operation sets big changes in motion; Rick desperately needs his mechanic; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 327 days ago
With added facts and bonus scenes; Rick and his dad fly high into Keno mountains on a treasure hunt; Parker makes a decision that could determine the fate of his season; Tony checks a spot the old dredges missed.
aired 344 days ago
Rick learns that being the mine boss is not as easy as it seems; Parker and Tony face off over royalties and land access in a confrontation that threatens to end one of their seasons before it even begins; with added facts and bonus scenes.

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Although the state's mention in the title was dropped after the first season, Alaska still plays a major role in Discovery Channel's top-rated show. It follows gold miners, inexperienced as some may be, hoping to strike it rich in the wilds of The Last Frontier and beyond. For their first effort, a crew led by Todd Hoffman and his father, Jack, sunk $250,000 into their dream and came away with just $20,000 worth of gold. The dismal summer was filled with injuries, malfunctioning equipment and constant fighting among the greenhorn miners, yet their serious case of gold fever trumps any talk of giving up and leads to new operating plans in order to salvage their dream. The series also keeps tabs on the efforts of brash youngster Parker Schnabel, veteran Dakota Fred and longtime Yukon resident Tony Beets to hit the mother lode at separate sites.