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Get Out Alive

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People re-live their near death experiences.

Latest episodes

aired 247 days ago
British security guards are assigned to protect the oil tanker Biscaglia.
aired 247 days ago
Nine miners are trapped in a mine that is filling with water.
aired 247 days ago
A Texas oil worker is abducted at gunpoint while on a company fishing trip.
aired 247 days ago
Eleven prison officers are taken hostage by inmates at FCI Talledega in Alabama.
aired 280 days ago
Mike is next in line to be killed after terrorists hijack a plane.
aired 433 days ago
An man with a bomb and gun takes hostages at Salt Lake City Library.

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The award-winning docudrama series tells the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in epic survival situations. First-person accounts from the survivors combine with re-enactments to bring back to life the emotional and physical journey they faced in their fight to stay alive.