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George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing

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Renowned saltwater fishing master George Poveromo hosts this long-running series that presents information on catching a wide range of coastal and offshore saltwater game fish. Filming occurs along the coastal U.S. and popular angling destinations abroad, with Poveromo providing tips on how to catch a wide variety of fish, from exotic species like blue marlin and bonefish to regional favorites such as dolphin, wahoo, tuna, king mackerel, striped bass, grouper, snapper, bluefish, redfish and flounder.

Latest episodes

aired 44 days ago
George Poveromo and lower Florida Keys guide Tim Carlile head into the maze of shallows, flats, creeks and mangroves behind Sugarloaf Key.
aired 51 days ago
George Poveromo searches for prime offshore fishing spots.
aired 58 days ago
George Poveromo docks his MARC VI at Bud 'n Mary's, an institution in the Florida Keys. He and Chase Fulton, one their top offshore captains, set forth to deep-drop and hand crank for barrelfish in 1,000 feet.
aired 65 days ago
George Poveromo searches for prime offshore fishing spots.
aired 72 days ago
Kite fishing is a highly popular tactic for catching sailfish, king mackerel, tuna, dolphin and even wahoo during winter and spring off Southern Florida, it can also be a potent producer year round.
aired 79 days ago
Take a poll on the most sought after game fish in the Florida Keys, and dolphin will surely top the list. In this action-packed and highly-educational episode, Poveromo teams up with Jake Roth, a top offshore captain at the Post Card Inn.
aired 86 days ago
Basing out of the Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina, Poveromo and Harry Vernon III return to a spot where they crushed the yellowtails during their initial visit here several years back.
aired 93 days ago
Poveromo and Harry Vernon III take the MARC VI, a Mako 334, Sportfish Edition center console powered by triple Mercury 400hp Verado outboards, from North Miami Dade's Haulover Inlet to the Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina.
aired 100 days ago
This episode is a classic example of why anglers flock to the Florida Keys. George Poveromo and local ace Ariel Medero begin their trip by yellowtailing. Within minutes of dropping anchor and chumming, clouds of flags (large yellowtails) materialize.
aired 107 days ago
From the Green Turtle Club Resort & Marina, Abaco, Bahamas, Poveromo and Carl Grassi head offshore for billfish. With the MARC VI's SIMRAD radar in Bird Mode, they locate birds working over deep canyons.
aired 114 days ago
Poveromo and Carl Grassi make the 150-mile crossing to the Green Turtle Club Resort & Marina, Abaco, Bahamas. The local reef fishing can be outstanding, as Poveromo and Grassi go on to prove.
aired 121 days ago
The upper Florida Keys harbor some of the most diverse fishing environments on the planet. In this fast-paced episode, Poveromo brings down his Shallow-Water MARC, a Mako 21 LTS, to fish the ocean-side patch reefs and back waters behind Key Largo.
aired 128 days ago
Poveromo returns to very familiar waters, accompanied this time by Bri Andrassy, a kayak fishing specialist. Poveromo's goal: treat Bri to a sampling of the wealth of fishing opportunities off Key West in the Florida Keys, minus her kayak.
aired 322 days ago
Poveromo takes Darrell Gwynn and Trista Evans fishing for Spanish and king mackerel out of North Miami Dade's Haulover Inlet. Schools of these mackerel migrate into the area after the first few cold fronts of the year.
aired 329 days ago
Numerous ships met their demise along this shallow, sandy stretch of bottom which divides the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, in the Florida Keys. The rusting hulks have since transformed into habitats and migratory points for a variety of game fish.
aired 336 days ago
In winter and spring, South Florida's top offshore sport is live-baiting for pelagics. On the MARC VI, Poveromo and Ben Sharpe present live baits from fishing kites, while concentrating over certain depth zones, bottom structures and color changes.
aired 343 days ago
Poveromo joins up with legendary Florida Keys backcountry guide Jim Willcox, to catch fish strictly on lures and light tackle. Using Rapala top water and mid-running hard baits and Storm 360GT soft baits.
aired 350 days ago
Poveromo visits the Venice Marina. Between trolling along weed lines and pitching lures and baits on light spin tackle along the thicker patches and debris, the action is fast and exciting with quality fish.
aired 415 days ago
Poveromo teams with Capt. Ryan Wenzel for fast-paced action with yellowtail snapper. The Florida Keys are noted for superb yellowtail fishing and the Islamorada reefs are certainly no exception.
aired 415 days ago
One luxury of fishing in the lower Florida Keys during the fall is that it becomes a lightly-pressured destination. However, game fish are still here for the taking. Poveromo and Andrew Tipler fish the local shallows and flats around Cudjoe Key.
aired 429 days ago
Spring and early summer are heralded as the prime dolphin period in the Florida Keys. However, unbeknownst to tourists and visiting anglers, late summer and early fall can also yield very consistent fishing.

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