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Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

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It seems her correspondence role on "The Daily Show" was just a warm-up act for the next stage of Samantha Bee's career. After spending 12 years on the Comedy Central juggernaut, Bee was not approached to replace departing host Jon Stewart, opening the door to her own series on TBS. The weekly late-night newsmagazine serves as a platform for Bee to apply her sharp, satirical point of view to current and relevant issues. She won't do so while sitting at a fake news desk; instead, field reports dominate, allowing Bee to show off her uncanny ability to mine comedy gold from just about any awkward situation.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Late-night show featuring Samantha Bee's nuanced, satirical view of political and cultural issues.
aired 5 days ago
"Full Frontal" covers the harmful side effects of COVID-19 (racism and government ineptitude) and rates the nature of the current gig-based economy at 0 stars; Mike Rubens heads south to learn how Trump's border wall is definitely messing with Texas.
VOD available
The president's continued war against the free press; a new campaign to support the endangered Postal Service; Mike Brown learns how to do the riot thing, and the Silversun Pickups deliver a snappy performance.
VOD available
The ways America has continuously harmed its trans citizens; support for the Black Trans Lives Matter movement; Tarana Burke offers an important note on discussing police brutality, how to take on the pandemic like true Olympians.
VOD available
The rampant Republican-led voter suppression targeting black and brown communities; solving the mystery of Reference Man; a performance from Dirty Projectors.
VOD available
Full Frontal delivers full-throated support to the BLM movement in response to years of police brutality and recognizes that ineffective police reforms are a thing of the past; it's time to defund the police.
VOD available
The nation's growing problem with food insecurity and the ways COVID-19 has amplified an already dire situation; Sam uses technology to stay safe while getting social; Mike Rubens imagines what the nation might look like post-pandemic.
aired 40 days ago
Sam launches her plan to save the U.S. Postal Service and tries to keep up with all the work Kamala Harris is doing to keep America's democracy intact; musical guest MILCK stops by the shed.
VOD available
Samantha Bee hits the thumbs down button on YouTube's algorithmic woes and warns women about the sinister motives behind multi-level marketing schemes; Patti Harrison helps throw a pride party like it's 1969.
aired 44 days ago
"Full Frontal" argues that many of the social safety nets helping Americans during the pandemic could have been used all along; Allana Harkin has a parent-teacher conference with America's educators; Vanessa Carlton performs from Sam's shed.
aired 47 days ago
Sam gets her sweat off in her woodland gym, argues that the country is nowhere near ready to reopen, and interviews frontline health care workers facing a massive shortage of personal protective equipment; Mt. Joy performs from Sam's shed.
aired 51 days ago
The disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on women; Stacey Abrams discusses generating voter enthusiasm; a catchy tune that's the perfect accompaniment to filling out the 2020 census.
aired 54 days ago
Sam exposes how COVID-19 disproportionately affects people of color; author Michael Lewis gives Mike Rubens a lot of reasons to regret not stockpiling hand sanitizer in 2016.
aired 93 days ago
Sam exposes all the shady acts committed by the Trump administration that have been overshadowed by COVID-19, gets a lesson from Katie Porter in legislating from home, and opens her wood shed to find musical guest Jewel.
aired 107 days ago
From the socially isolated comfort of the woods in her backyard, Sam brings her audience up to speed on how the current quarantine efforts are impacting American workers and what lessons people can learn from the Furry community.
aired 128 days ago
Topical news, including all things Super Tuesday; Sam uncovers the sins committed by Christian health care sharing ministries.
aired 135 days ago
The first election coverage of the year; a look into the tone-deaf way country radio treats female artists; an in-studio performance by country legend Margo Price.
aired 137 days ago
Sam meets the senators of the impeachment trial.
aired 137 days ago
"Full Frontal" ponders the myriad failures of democracy, argues that the state of dental care in America could use a good checkup, and bravely takes on the terrifying world of health care costs.
aired 142 days ago
The guy gunning to play Gossip Girl in the upcoming reboot, Lev Parnas, makes the case for paid family leave, and offers a brief explainer about the current situation with Iran that is (spoiler alert) still happening.
aired 145 days ago
Cautious optimism at the announcement of articles of impeachment; white hot rage at the proposed changes to the SNAP benefits program; the "Full Frontal" correspondents hit the purple carpet at the year's most anticipated awards ceremony.

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