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Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

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It seems her correspondence role on "The Daily Show" was just a warm-up act for the next stage of Samantha Bee's career. After spending 12 years on the Comedy Central juggernaut, Bee was not approached to replace departing host Jon Stewart, opening the door to her own series on TBS. The weekly late-night newsmagazine serves as a platform for Bee to apply her sharp, satirical point of view to current and relevant issues. She won't do so while sitting at a fake news desk; instead, field reports dominate, allowing Bee to show off her uncanny ability to mine comedy gold from just about any awkward situation.

Latest episodes

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A profile of right-wing author Peter Schweizer whose conspiracy theories fuel many recent political controversies; Samantha Bee examines the foster care system; Allana Harkin talks to swing state voters ahead of the 2020 elections.
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Monitoring the high-speed train wreck that is the Donald Trump presidency; investigating Mike Pence's terrifying influence over the Department of Health and Human Services; Sam sits down with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).
VOD available
Democratic victories in the general elections; a plan to give the Democrats some much-needed help against the Trump campaign in 2020; Mike Rubens scales one of President Trump's tallest lies.
VOD available
Revenge porn; Instagram-sponsored content; the truth behind the country's organ donation system.
VOD available
Recapping the start of impeachment hearings; a lesson in the prosperity gospel from President Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White.
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Full Frontal examines the case for firing Stephen Miller and the impeachment inquiry; Sam hosts a Thanksgiving feast for the trailblazers of the #MeToo movement.
aired 71 days ago
President Donald Trump's impeachable offense; Mike Pence's influence over the Department of Health and Human Services; climate activist Greta Thunberg.
aired 78 days ago
Samantha Bee relives all the stomach-turning details of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation in light of recent news; how the Koch Brothers ruined the planet.
aired 85 days ago
The latest acts of corruption in the Trump administration; efforts to get the electoral college #canceled; meeting with undocumented workers formerly employed at Trump properties.
aired 92 days ago
The crew wades into the debate surrounding student loans before discussing decriminalizing migration with Julián Castro and traveling to Mitch McConnell's home state.
aired 95 days ago
Full Frontal reflects on the latest wave of gun violence and white nationalism; Allana Harkin hits the beach to bask in the sunny hopefulness of first time female voters.
aired 95 days ago
Taking a dip into the bizarre mystery surrounding Jerry Falwell's pool boy before filling up on Southern grub and reproductive justice; singer Betty Who takes the summer out on a good note.
aired 100 days ago
A sex education class for U.S. Senators; a discussion about the electability of former Vice President Joe Biden; an interview with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).
aired 102 days ago
Samantha reacts to the latest Mueller testimony; reporter Mike Rubens travels down to the U.S.-Mexico border.
aired 102 days ago
Covering Tucker Carlson's naughty nature; unpacking the real motivation behind the attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar; the story of a group of female animators who put their own MeToo movement into motion.
aired 106 days ago
Samantha Bee hits the thumbs down button on YouTube's algorithmic woes and warns women about the sinister motives behind multi-level marketing schemes; Patti Harrison helps throw a pride party like it's 1969.
aired 109 days ago
Responding to the anti-abortion rhetoric seeping into the box office and state legislatures; making getting vaccinated cool again; unearthing a huge white lie with the Lucas Brothers.
aired 109 days ago
Meeting a family whose American Dream led to the opioid crisis; tracking the Fox News evolution into state TV; Amy Hoggart tries to answer the question of what the deal is with Brexit.
aired 141 days ago
Samantha discusses the latest allegations of racism by the president before taking a deep dive into Jeffery Epstein's past.
aired 148 days ago
Getting to know the McConnell-shaped clog in the government's drain; offering some sage advice to the millions of democrats running for president; celebrating Juneteenth by exploring the first steps down the road to reparations.
aired 151 days ago
Examining the crumbling infrastructure of the NRA; enlisting the help of guest correspondent Naomi Ekperigin in uncovering the key to unlocking Black Twitter.

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