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The lives of five young friends.

Latest episodes

aired 496 days ago
Olivia has a dream that a living Zobo takes her on a journey through her past, present and potential future.
aired 531 days ago
When Mia is practicing for the snow lodge snowboard race, she hurts her ankle. When she tries to practice again, she finds out that she is now terrified of snowboarding.
aired 542 days ago
Confined to a wheelchair after a failed Halloween attempt to prove herself as a reporter, photographer Emma sees strange things through her hospital window.
aired 584 days ago
The friends work summer jobs at the new Heartlake City Pool, Restaurant and Sports Center; singing mermaid Andrea gets her first teenage crush and her friends each try to help, with disastrous results.
aired 696 days ago
The day of the big dog show arrives, but when dognappers take Mia's pug, Toffee, four of the friends engage in a high-speed chase to retrieve her.
aired 704 days ago
The five friends help out at a hotel that Andrea's family just bought during what was supposed to be a quiet weekend until a hotel critic arrives unexpectedly.
aired 709 days ago
When Stephanie's mom leaves her in charge at home, Stephanie can finally prove she's responsible.
aired 739 days ago
It's Stephanie vs. Tanya on a TV bake-off; Stephanie concocts a fabulous cake, and Tanya steals the recipe but neither knows that bunny Daisy has added a secret ingredient.
aired 853 days ago
The girls promise to raise money to rebuild Mia's grandparents' barn.
aired 894 days ago
Tanya resorts to dirty tricks in her campaign against Stephanie for class president.
aired 964 days ago
The girls' friendships are tested when pop star Livi comes to Heartlake City.
aired 966 days ago
When Mia's heroic rescue of a puppy and horse earns the overwhelming gratitude of their owner Fiona, her pushy, over-the-top appreciation soon makes Mia's life a living nightmare; the friends must find a way for Mia to escape Fiona's gratitude.
aired 971 days ago
When Emma discovers that her innocent text to Mia was sent to Matthew by mistake, the girls must help her retrieve Matthew's phone and erase the message before he sees it.

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