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Fraggle Rock

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The fertile imagination of Jim Henson spawned this colorful puppet program that was not only an international hit during the 1980s, but remains a much-loved favorite of viewers to this day. This series for both the young and young at heart follows the adventures of the Fraggles, a race of short, furry creatures living a carefree existence in a complex network of magical caves. When they're not filling their time playing games, singing songs or dancing their cares away, Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley and Boober Fraggle seek the sage advice of Marjory the Trash Heap, nosh on the confectionary constructions of the industrious Doozers, and attempt to stay clear of the giant beings known as Gorgs.

Latest episodes

aired 360 days ago
There's a ghost living in the Gorgs' castle.
aired 361 days ago
A strange creature wants Mokey to take care of him.
aired 362 days ago
Cotterpin wants Gobo to help her find the original Doozers' cave.
aired 363 days ago
The Gorgs plan to wipe out the Fraggles by creating a concentrated boredom juice.
aired 366 days ago
Red Fraggle feverishly practices rock hockey when she learns her idol will be a spectator.
aired 367 days ago
The Fraggles steal Junior Gorg's prize radish, Geraldine.
aired 368 days ago
Wembley is on a mission of revenge after Boober scares him, but his plans take a terrifying twist.
aired 369 days ago
Gobo doesn't practice what he preaches when he leads a group of explorers into danger.
aired 370 days ago
The deadly Clinging Creepers trap Red and Landord during a cross-cave race.
aired 373 days ago
When Mokey forgets to cover Marjory the Trash Heap during a snowstorm, the Fraggles' beloved oracle freezes solid.
aired 374 days ago
Gobo becomes weightless for refusing to share the magic grapes.
aired 376 days ago
Red thinks her best friend is raiding her radish bars.
aired 377 days ago
Mokey tries to keep some travelers in the Rock.
aired 380 days ago
Boober's peaceful day is ruined by beasts, partygoers and old gypsies.
aired 381 days ago
When his friends start "flooping," Wrench Doozer finds it hard to say no.
aired 382 days ago
Wembley and Gobo's friendship is tested when they enter the Great Race.
aired 383 days ago
Boober accidentally dumps some rutabaga and brussels sprout soup into his laundry.
aired 387 days ago
Junior Gorg sells the family mansion in return for the Peas of Power.
aired 388 days ago
The Fraggles move into a discount carpet store.
aired 389 days ago
Wembley becomes an apprentice to a magician who comes to perform at Fraggle Rock.
aired 390 days ago
When Sprocket the dog gets caught in the Fraggle hole, it's Gobo Fraggle who rescues him.

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