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Forbidden Science

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A corporation called 4Ever Innovations uses cloning technology to fulfill any fantasy.

Latest episodes

aired 1,221 days ago
Laura's relationship with Colin is jeopardized by her snooping; Penny builds a lovebot and puts her creation to the test.
aired 1,221 days ago
Julia struggles with her new life as a clone while living with the memories of another woman; Laura learns confidential information.
aired 1,275 days ago
A tarot card reader seduces a scientist in order to steal corporate secrets; Julia discovers that the scientist is her former mentor and lover.
aired 1,276 days ago
Julia discovers a way to erase all of the memories stored in her memory chip; Bethany has recurring nightmares about an affair.
aired 1,276 days ago
A hostile computer virus takes over the 4Ever building.
aired 1,298 days ago
Extreme measures are taken to shut down the work of 4Ever; Bethany dreams about her ex-husband; an office affair is revealed.
aired 1,298 days ago
A recently divorced woman joins a company that clones organs and human beings.
aired 1,301 days ago
Senator Montgomery's lovebot is brought in for repairs; Julia fights off an assassin.
aired 1,301 days ago
A 4Ever employee gets tangled up in espionage and the black market; Philip is able to tap into a dead man's memories.
aired 1,312 days ago
Philip secretly investigates what went wrong with the Gold Chip; Bethany discovers the startling truth about 4Ever.
aired 1,328 days ago
Colin reneges on his deal with Adrian; Senator Montgomery lures a competitor into her conspiracy.
aired 1,363 days ago
Laura learns secrets about the creator of 4Ever; Philip asks Penny for a date.
aired 1,363 days ago
Julia sneaks the Senator's lovebot out of the 4Ever headquarters; Colin and Bethany begin an office romance.