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Food Wars! The Second Plate

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Soma Yukihira and his classmates put their culinary training to the test with the Autumn Elections and internships at real restaurants.

Latest episodes

aired 80 days ago
The restaurant hosts Tohtsuki Academy and holds a competition for its new menu.
VOD available
Soma struggles to work with Erina's secretary, Arata, at the restaurant.
VOD available
Akira and Ryo whip up an intense semifinal match.
aired 136 days ago
After Soma and Mimasaka begin their semifinal match, Soma must find a way to best Mimasaka's expert mimicry of his dish.
aired 206 days ago
Hoshino's curry is judged and the Aldini brothers face off; the judges almost forget Megumi.
aired 220 days ago
Soma and the others work to enhance their dishes before heading into the prelims.
aired 220 days ago
The lists for the Autumn Elections are out; Soma seeks out a former colleague of his father's.
aired 220 days ago
Soma and his team work on portable dish to combat the Mozuya invasion and look to make their mark on the Sumire shopping district.
aired 220 days ago
Soma returns home and must serve his customers at Yukihira.
aired 220 days ago
Soma has a showdown with his dad with Isshiki, Tadakoro, and Fumio judging.
aired 220 days ago
The members of Polar Star Dormitory are treated to a meal from a surprise guest.
aired 220 days ago
The training camp lives up to its brutal reputation.
aired 220 days ago
Megumi has a chance to show off her skills as Soma takes the supporting role.
VOD available
As the final match comes to a close, Soma puts a special twist into his dish to make it stand up against Hayama and Ryo's creations.

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Soma Yukihira battles some of the world's best chefs to prove himself and refine his skills.