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Fishing With Roland Martin

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Fishing for bass or salmon, working a farm pond or a ripe river spot, or angling for fresh or saltwater catch, Roland Martin has done it all ... and then some. For more than two decades, the legendary Martin, a nine-time B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, has shown viewers how to outsmart a variety of game fish, and he continues to pull in the big ones. Each episode features Roland, often joined on his boat by a guest or two, tackling a new sport-fishing adventure in North America and providing fundamental tips and techniques.

Latest episodes

aired 5 days ago
Roland and Ken Penrod cast buzzbaits, crankbaits, worms and frogs for scrappy 2-4 lb largemouth bass and catch a couple snakeheads as a bonus. Roland uses a light weight Jon boat and an electric motor to fish a couple miles of Everglades canals.
aired 33 days ago
Beautiful three to six pounders hit top water and worms; Roland does some wading.
aired 38 days ago
Roland cranks steep banks; a big gator causes a problem; offshore humps and road beds produce bass to six pounds.
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Roland and Gary Milicevic catch huge bass on rubber frogs and explain how they do it.
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Roland uses a lightweight Jon boat and Pan electric motor to fish a couple of miles of Everglades canals and also does some wading.
aired 126 days ago
Roland locates a deeper canal and works a Senko slow to catch big bass.
VOD available
Roland and Capt. Geof Page run shallow water to get to potholes of deeper water full of trout, snook and redfish, and make long casts with jigs on light tackle.
aired 236 days ago
Roland and Bobby Uhrig work weed edges with quarter oz Black Buzz Baits for really big bass in the 6-8 lb range.
aired 243 days ago
Roland and Ron Gerard work several of the lakes of Lakewood Ranch housing development; one lake is good for spinnerbaits; one lake is great for using swimbaits.
aired 250 days ago
Roland launches his small boat in a rock pit and fishes it for the first time; worms and swim baits take a dozen bass from 3 to 5 pounds; cameraman Tyler South catches an 11-and-a-half-pound monster, his largest yet.
aired 257 days ago
Geoff Page takes Roland and Robert Shamblin to a back canal and they catch a large number of snook and jacks on jigs.
aired 264 days ago
Martin tackles new sport fishing adventures in North America while providing tips and techniques.
aired 271 days ago
Roland explains the ABCs of flipping heavy cover.
aired 278 days ago
Roland works a reef and a barge for sea trout and a 250-pound goliath grouper; he works a sand bar for more trout and gets into schools of Spanish mackerel.
aired 285 days ago
Roland films the grand opening of the Wonders of Wildlife museum and interviews Johnny Morris; Jimmy Houston and Roland fish a local pond and talk about what's in the museum.
aired 313 days ago
Roland and friends fish oil rigs 40-60 miles offshore with jigs and bait for red snappers and live bait for tuna and marlin.
aired 327 days ago
Roland tours the Wonders of Wildlife museum in Springfield, Mo.; fishing a local south Florida lake.
aired 334 days ago
Mexico's Lake Guerrero, known for its trophy black bass.
aired 341 days ago
Roland & Jimmy Houston work shore drops for schools of bass, then work lilypads with spinnerbaits & frogs for larger bass; the Wonders of Wildlife Museum.
aired 404 days ago
Martin tackles new sport fishing adventures in North America while providing tips and techniques.
aired 411 days ago
Martin tackles new sport fishing adventures in North America.

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