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Finding Escobar's Millions

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During his reign running the world's biggest drug cartel, Pablo Escobar amassed an estimated multimillion dollar fortune... and then he buried much of it all over Colombia. It's believed the majority of the money is still underground, and two former CIA operatives embark on a mission to find it. Doug Laux and Ben Smith, who served multiple tours throughout the Middle East, work with the original DEA agents who handled the case to infiltrate Escobar's inner circle in search of the alleged hidden cash. Using the latest technology and access to numerous inside sources, Doug and Ben scour Columbia for clues Escobar left behind.

Latest episodes

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An informant's eradicate behavior forces the team to choose between shutting down the operation or investigating one more narco property that could be the big one.
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A former Escobar chemist claims to know where $30 million in cash and gold is buried; Chris and Ramon investigate a new property with secret tunnels.
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Two former Medellin cartel members provide new intelligence, which sends Chris and Jerry to seek out cocaine labs and secret hideouts in the remote Columbian countryside.
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Jerry and Chris investigate a property owned by Pablo Escobar's cousin and top lieutenant where millions in diamonds and jewels are rumored to be buried.
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Former DEA agents break open a mysterious concrete box at a secret airstrip and dig for millions at a remote safe house frequented by Pablo Escobar.
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Former DEA agents Chris and Jerry track down one of Pablo Escobar's top drug traffickers; exclusive intelligence sends them racing to dig up a secret airstrip where the kingpin hid his drug money and a safe house where he stashed millions.
aired 113 days ago
Doug and Ben are directed to a hiding spot in the hills above Gacha's hometown.
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Doug is put in contact with a fixer in Cartagena, a key smuggling route for Pablo; Ben leads his team to Pablo's residence on the Rosario Islands outside of Cartagena.
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Popeye tells Doug about Escobar's jungle escape routes outside of Hacienda Napoles; Doug and Ben search the premises with an American drug runner who knows the routes.
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Joe Toft connects Doug and Ben with a former guard where Escobar was imprisoned; the duo arrives at La Catedral, Pablo's self-built prison, where they discover Pablo's bunker.
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Doug and Ben decide to infiltrate Pablo's inner circle after finding a motorcycle; Ben focuses on Pablo's family, the tech team scours property, and Doug gets in touch with Pablo's hitman, Popeye.
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Doug connects with a source, Juan Esteban, who shows them one of Escobar's safehouses; Ben's research provides proof of the caletas existence, and he and his tech team arrive at Pablo's barrio to begin the search.

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