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Fancy Nancy

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Six-year-old Nancy is excited to experience what the world has to offer and to celebrate the differences that make everyone unique.

Latest episodes

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Nancy breaks a promise to JoJo on Valentine's Day; on Valentine's Day, Nancy helps Lionel say what's in his heart.
aired 13 days ago
While trying to win a poetry contest, Nancy gets a case of writer's block; when Nancy's Valentine's Day card to Bree is sent to Grace by mistake, Grace thinks they're best friends.
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Nancy is determined to save money to go to Paris, but is devastated when she discovers how long it will take; Nancy realizes she is more like her Mom than she realized.
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Nancy wants to have the perfect birthday party, but things don't go exactly as planned; Nancy desperately tries to see her first rainbow.
aired 65 days ago
When Nancy struggles to make Santa's Nice List, she learns the true meaning of Christmas.
aired 132 days ago
Nancy refuses to go to a Halloween party when she discovers that her costume isn't original; on Halloween, Nancy's imagination runs wild when she mistakes JoJo for a ghost.
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Nancy accidentally becomes Freddy's new best friend when JoJo ditches him for her imaginary friend; Nancy decides to live on her own in the playhouse.
aired 151 days ago
When a neighborhood climbing tree is declared off-limits, Nancy shows her friends how to take a stand; Nancy dreams of becoming a synchronized swimmer but first must overcome her fear of going underwater.
aired 152 days ago
Nancy struggles to accept Bree's interest in bugs; Nancy believes she can read animals' minds.
aired 158 days ago
Nancy gains a new appreciation for her grandparents when they come to visit; Nancy partners up with her grandpa to compete in a local ballroom dancing competition.
aired 159 days ago
After the family goldfish dies, Nancy must confront her feelings of loss; when Nancy spies on her parents, she mistakenly thinks they're plotting to give away the family dog.
aired 165 days ago
Nancy becomes jealous of Bree's friendship with a girl from summer camp; Nancy dreams of the accolades that she will receive if she saves a lost kitten.
aired 166 days ago
Nancy rebels against her favorite teenage babysitter who fails to treat Nancy like a peer; Nancy regrets trading a piece of jewelry with Jo Jo and tries to trade back.
aired 172 days ago
Nancy writes a gossip column and gets a little fancy with the facts; Nancy falls in love with Grace's pony.
aired 173 days ago
Nancy worries Lionel's art isn't pretty enough to put in her new museum; when Nancy imitates a fancy superhero, she winds up discovering she has a super power of her own: courage.
aired 179 days ago
Nancy fakes being sick, but regrets it when her family throws a party that she'll have to miss; Nancy faces Rhonda and Wanda to determine who is the cul-de-sac hopscotch champ.
aired 207 days ago
Nancy learns the value of compromise when she and Bree create a Pas de Deux for dance class; Nancy finds the shoes of her dreams but discovers they're not in her family's budget.
aired 208 days ago
Nancy tries to give Mom a perfect spa day, but her homemade spa products are mistaken for snacks; when Dad works from home, Nancy becomes his assistant.
aired 213 days ago
After encouraging JoJo to create an imaginary friend, Nancy becomes jealous of their relationship; Nancy tries to leave the perfect hand prints in a newly cemented walkway.
aired 214 days ago
Nancy and JoJo have a sleep-over at Mrs. Devine's house; when Nancy's cousin, Jonathan, visits, she feels threatened when he acts fancier than she does.
aired 215 days ago
Everything goes well at Nancy and Bree's new cafe until Grace, the food critic, shows up; when Mom has the sniffles, Nancy takes over as Mom for the day.

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