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From the mischievous mind of comic/actor David Spade, "Fameless" combines pranks and sketches in a lighthearted way to see how far unsuspecting people will go for a moment of glory. Half-hour episodes feature individuals desperate for notoriety who believe they've been cast on a reality show. In reality, however, parodies are being filmed with seasoned improv actors creating outlandish scenarios that steadily increase in absurdity and ridiculousness -- testing the patience of everyone not in on the joke. Spade stars in and co-executive produces the series.

Latest episodes

aired 78 days ago
A wannabe TV host learns that the energy drink he's selling has some monstrous side effects, a tomb raider discovers why a mummy is best kept under wraps; a skateboarding legend pulls off a perfect 180 on an aspiring prankster.
aired 78 days ago
An aspiring TV host learns the real art of pranking; an attempt to take the antiques game by storm comes to an electrifying halt.
VOD available
A jealous girlfriend comes out swinging when a dating show does not go her way; a prankster's shot at fame is cursed after he accidentally ruins a museum; the Pitch Fit panel returns.
VOD available
A woman loses her patience when a patient goes missing; a saleswoman markets a faulty tanning product; a jokester's attempt to prank Jay Leno backfires.
aired 113 days ago
A wannabe TV star finds a crack in a new dental product; an aspiring host takes a swing at stardom; a would-be hotel critic doesn't have a ghost of a chance.
aired 113 days ago
An aspiring model fails her makeup exam; an antique picker offends an ancient spirit.
aired 113 days ago
A wannabe host appraises a home with phantom costs; an aspiring meteorologist strikes lightning with one stormy audition; a would-be home renovator learns the difference between a man cave and a panic room.
aired 113 days ago
A wannabe cop becomes the suspect during a traffic stop; a rookie host gets more than he bargained for at a car auction; a prankster's antics push a pregnant woman to her breaking point.
aired 147 days ago
The first day on the job might be the last day on earth; a wannabe reality star finds himself fully exposed in a heated love triangle; a TV host inadvertently uses his newfound powers for evil.
aired 147 days ago
An aspiring TV host has a drone turn against him; a would-be prankster becomes a tyrannosaurus wrecks; an insult comic gets taken for a ride.
aired 147 days ago
An aspiring cop's chance to be a crime fighter crumbles; an emcee's hopes of surprising a famous pair of wrestling twins go up in flames; a would-be prankster's attempt at tricking a zookeeper turns grizzly.
aired 147 days ago
A wannabe TV host accidentally unleashes hell; an aspiring real estate guru encounters a housing crisis; a "con artist" thinks he's pulling a scam.
aired 148 days ago
An aspiring game show host discovers his new show is not the smash hit he thought it would be, and a dog groomer has a ruff first day trying to fix a faux-paw.
aired 148 days ago
A wannabe dancer discovers that stardom can be gone in a flash; a cooking show contestant accidentally uses a stomach-turning secret ingredient; a small-time medium gets an extra-large surprise that no psychic could have predicted.
aired 148 days ago
A wannabe treasure hunter unearths a monstrous discovery; an aspiring hypnotist learns that certain behavior doesn't fly at corporate events.
aired 192 days ago
A prankster's dirty trick turns out to be garbage; tensions rise as guests freeze on a TV show; a clueless investigator goes into the wrong sting.
aired 193 days ago
A wannabe nature expert gets egged on by his partner; an aspiring magician's assistant finds his gift for hypnosis; a sassy host cooks up some jealousy.
aired 206 days ago
A product tester thinks he'll be working with professionals but instead runs into boobs; a relaxing trip to the spa turns out to be a real pain in the butt.
VOD available
A feisty waitress is driven to madness when her car gets an unexpected makeover; an aspiring hypnotist loses all control; a wannabe stylist comes apart at the seams after hitting celebrity Jill Zarin below the belt.
VOD available
An exorcism turns to puppy love during a surprising climax; something blue happens when wedding bells ring for the wrong girl; a self-proclaimed genius looking to bait crooks winds up taking the bait himself.
aired 251 days ago
A nature lover falls prey to a ferocious prank; a cocky host crumbles live on the air; an aspiring rapper gets the shaft when Kat Von D inks him with a humiliating tattoo.

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A group of young practical jokers creates over-the-top pranks for online hidden camera show "Walk the Prank" in this hybrid series that combines scripted comedy with real hidden-camera gags. Confident Chance, younger brother Herman, tech-savvy Bailey and best friend Dusty get inspiration for their pranks from what goes on in school and at home. The reactions captured are genuine responses from unsuspecting marks.
TruTV's first foray into full-length scripted comedy is this series created by and starring Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy, members of the Denver-based comedy troupe The Grawlix. Playing high school teachers Loren Payton, Andy Fairbell and Billy Shoemaker, respectively, the three educators are about as dysfunctional as the students at Smoot High. Spanish teacher Loren is a self-proclaimed bon vivant; Andy teaches gym, health, and coaches girls volleyball, but his highly speculative sexual orientation is what really interests co-workers; and loud-mouthed, tattooed Billy's claim to fame is playing in a post-punk speed bludgeon band. Reluctant at first, new school librarian Abbey eventually joins in on the guys' antics.
"truTV Top Funniest" is a countdown show of outrageous videos filmed in the U.S. Viral clips, home movies, pranks, surveillance videos, event footage and news bloopers are all part of the side-splitting action. Each episode features a different theme, like "Funny Fails" and "Ridiculous Moments."
AMC dives into the comic book culture with this unscripted series that follows the antics of the "fanboys" in and around Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, a New Jersey comic shop owned by writer-director Kevin Smith. Cameras capture the banter of the shop's employees and its customers as they collectively discover the treasures of the comic collecting world, and the staff -- de-facto leader Walt, shop whipping boy Ming and comic book virtuoso Mike among them -- shares all the details with Smith via a podcast that is woven throughout the series. Smith has been a comics fan since his youth and has written several comic books based on his movies, including "Clerks," as well as story arcs for the legendary "Green Arrow" and "Daredevil" comics.
Like the title says, this series is filled with shocking video clips, and they're counted down from 20 in each episode to reveal the most outrageous one of all. "Whackos at the Wheel," "Worst Days on the Job" and "Escapes From Death" are just three of the featured episodes, enough to give you an inkling as to what's contained here.
TV personality Kevin Pereira ("Attack of the Show") and comic Brooke Van Poppelen explore the world of "life hacks": procedures or actions that solve problems, simplify tasks or reduce frustrations. From opening a wine bottle with a shoe, eliminating pet hair on fabric with a squeegee and flip-flop, or using a sock to make a toilet seat more comfortable, the successful hacks are designed to be fun, inexpensive time-savers. Those that don't live up to the hype are exposed, and undercover hacks challenge members of the public to overcome pitfalls.
Twelve diverse individuals are dropped alone throughout various islets in Indonesia and challenged to survive among washed-up luggage, scattered resources and abandoned structures.