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Eyewitness War

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Follows personnel in the armed forces as they deal with battles, drug trafficking and explosives.

Latest episodes

aired 281 days ago
A patrol into the depths of the Taliban's birthplace goes awry when fighting breaks out and a soldier must rescue his injured best friend.
aired 393 days ago
A convoy of marines gets stuck in a trench and is ambushed by Taliban forces in Afghanistan; in one of the most dangerous areas of Iraq, a routine Army patrol drives into an improvised bomb.
aired 393 days ago
At a base near Kandahar, a seasoned soldier directs a team of rookies under attack, only to discover four of his men stranded without weapons.
aired 393 days ago
The U.S. Army is ambushed while checking on Afghan border police.
aired 394 days ago
An Army platoon tries to save an Afghani village; a team of soldiers hunts down a sniper; a convoy battles to make it through a night attack.
aired 394 days ago
A small team of Marines must fight off the Taliban to save their wounded friend; an untested rookie has to step up and rescue his team from an ambush.
aired 394 days ago
A small Army outpost must defend a NATO convoy from a relentless Taliban attack, while a lone Marine runs straight into the line of fire to save his stranded teammate.
aired 394 days ago
In Charkh, Afghanistan, a team of soldiers risks it all crossing into enemy territory to capture the Taliban.
aired 519 days ago
Follow the men and women of the Army, Navy, Drug Enforcement Administration, Coast Guard and other forces through the chaos of battle with real-life, first-person footage.
aired 627 days ago
An Army patrol gets trapped in a close-range ambush; an escalating firefight leads the Marines to unleash hell on the Taliban.
aired 628 days ago
As the Marines rush to rescue a burning vehicle, they are ambushed by Taliban forces.
aired 628 days ago
Two soldiers push their vehicle to the limit while chasing down the enemy, who is trying to escape on motorcycle.
aired 977 days ago
A U.S. Army Weapons Platoon Leader must fight through a Taliban ambush and try to get his team to the top of Antenna Hill.
aired 977 days ago
A remote base in the mountains of Afghanistan is under attack, leaving one soldier clinging to life.
aired 977 days ago
Soldiers are surrounded by the Taliban and a military vehicle becomes the target of an ambush.
aired 977 days ago
The soldiers of Forward Operating Base Kala Gush take the fight to the enemy in a hillside battle; a platoon in Logar Province runs low on ammo when they're attacked by the Taliban.

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