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Extinct or Alive: Uncovered Evidence

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Forrest Gallante, a wildlife biologist, is scouring the globe using cutting-edge technology on his mission to find species that the world has stopped looking for.

Latest episodes

aired 289 days ago
Forrest sets out in search of an animal declared extinct 25 years ago; he reveals species never before filmed and captures evidence that leads to a history-making conclusion for the Zanzibar Leopard.
aired 324 days ago
Forrest searches for Madagascar's Pachylemurs; recently discovered remains disprove they went extinct 1,000 years ago; Forrest scales the jungle canopy to prove the giant species still lives.
aired 331 days ago
Loaded with bonus scenes and insider facts; Forrest delves into the vibrant island of Java in Indonesia to find the Javan tiger; this exotic predator was declared extinct in 2003, but sightings from park rangers and evidence from locals give hope.
aired 338 days ago
Packed with insider facts and bonus scenes; Forrest combs the Florida Everglades for a predator that's been rumored to exist for years, the black panther.

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Evidence suggests that species thought to be extinct are still very much alive, and wildlife biologist Forrest Galante ventures from the Florida Everglades to remote jungles in a search for the truth. Galante explores actual stories behind these creatures' purported demise and, using evidence like eyewitness accounts and last known photos, tries to prove their existence so he can protect them and help them thrive again. In Zanzibar, Forrest reveals species that have never before been filmed and captures evidence that leads to an unforgettable conclusion. Elsewhere, the investigation takes him to Taiwan for the Formosan clouded leopard, the frozen tundra of Newfoundland for the Newfoundland white wolf, and to the island of Madagascar to look for any trace of the giant Pachylemur.
Stunning computer animation brings the most ferocious giants of the Ice Age back to life, creating a portrait of their wild existence and puzzling extinction. Also, details about their lives and disappearance are revealed through the work of paleontologists, who uncover fossilized bones of these lethal creatures.
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Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is the subject of this documentary series, allowing Animal Planet unprecedented access to the Western Hemisphere's largest aquarium. It cares for thousands of animals in its 10 million gallons of water, including rescued Southern sea otters, endangered African penguins, rescued California sea lions, whale sharks, and manta rays. The series follows the daily activities of the aquarium's biologists, researchers and trainers, and tells of the bonds created between the creatures and the staff.
Biologist and explorer Pat Spain's search for mythical creatures, and the truth (or lack thereof) regarding them, takes him to extreme wildernesses around the world. Armed with the latest technology, Spain is embedded among local tribes to seek a scientific explanation for the seemingly outlandish stories of man apes, monsters and other creatures that the residents swear are real.