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People perform acts of courage, compassion and empathy.

Latest episodes

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In northern Jalisco, Mexico, Enrique Lomnitz, director of the initiative "urban heat island", has become a true hero to help the community to solve the problem of lack of water.
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Two retired teachers bring astronomy to poor children in a school-bus observatory.
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The volunteer rescue brigade Topos Tlatelolco continue on 30 years after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake.
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After living his childhood in the midst of violence, Carlos Cruz founded 'Runway citizen', an organization that builds peaceful alternatives for individual development, through interventions that recover and strengthen the social fabric.
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The noble faces of undocumented Mexicans living in the United States, fighting discrimination, abuse and distance.
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In a Mexican village, en route to the United States, a group of women have become contemporary heroines relieving the journey of these travelers.