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Evan Goes Wild

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Dr. Evan Antin combines his passions for veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation while raising awareness about animals around the world. Hourlong episodes show Antin swimming alongside humpback whales, exploring caves with bats and snakes, tangling with crocs, and diving with sharks, among other adventures, and he also lends a helping hand to animals in need along the way. With millions of social media followers, the vet's popularity continues to grow because of his loving interactions with animals which he documents and shares with engaging videos and smart facts.

Latest episodes

aired 414 days ago
Evan ventures into the Andean cloud forest to check out the llamas of Machu Picchu; while in Peru, he examines a spectacled bear and a vicuña, and tries to save an eagle's eye.
aired 415 days ago
Evan journeys to the Yucatan in Mexico, where he helps net wild flamingos to study migratory patterns, wrangles a crocodile to care for its injuries, and treats a magnificent jaguar.
aired 448 days ago
Evan heads to Kenya, where he blends in as a member of a troop of baboons, takes part in a training exercise with anti-poaching bloodhounds, checks the health of a baby rhino named Mei Mei, and has a close call with a black rhino.
aired 453 days ago
Evan heads to the Amazon in Peru to help release a family of howler monkeys back into the wild; a baby spider monkey is injured after falling from a tree; a tapir and a short-eared dog are examined.
aired 455 days ago
Evan heads to Nepal where he works with Asiatic elephants, helps a man in Kathmandu who uses his motorcycle to rescue stray cows, and learns how vultures dine out.
aired 462 days ago
Teeming with wildlife, the island of Palawan is one of Evan's favorite places to visit; on his journey through the last frontier in the Philippines, he rescues orphaned baby bearcats, encounters pythons and crocodiles, and wrestles a water monitor.
aired 468 days ago
Evan celebrates his birthday by trekking to Sri Lanka in search of the slender loris, meets a three-legged elephant and a rare tree pit viper, and works with two orphaned thick-tailed pangolins.
aired 469 days ago
Evan heads to the Tahitian Island of Mo'orea to fulfill a lifelong dream of swimming with humpback whales; he gathers DNA samples from Lemon sharks and blacktip reef sharks; Evan tries to find a home for a litter of day-old kittens.

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