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Europe's Last Warrior Kings

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In England, in the year 1066, King Edward the Confessor has just died and has no trueborn heir to succeed him. Because of this, three warlords with their eyes set on the crown seek to take over. The country endures three different invasions by the Vikings, causing the shape of the country and Europe to change forever. Join "Europe's Last Warrior Kings" in matters such as family betrayals, political schemes, bloody invasions that lead to the epic Battle of Hastings.

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The epic Battle of Hastings brings about the end of one of the most dramatic reigns in British history; how the battle changed the shape of England and Europe forever.
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King Harold defends England against two vicious attacks in the months leading up to the history-changing Battle of Hastings.
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The lies, betrayals and twists of fate leading up to the bloody, one-day Battle of Hastings.

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