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Epic Warrior Women

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Warfare has typically been seen as the territory of men. But dotted throughout history, evidence shows that over the years women were often involved in the fight as well. Delve deep into the tales of history's most iconic female fighters. The legendary Amazonian women, gladiators of Rome, the all-female fighting force in West Africa, among many others. The extraordinary lives of these fierce, brave women and the battles they fought and the sacrifice they endured are laid bare for everyone to see.

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DNA tests of skeletons in Sweden challenge the idea that all Viking warriors were men; recreating the life of a young Viking woman who becomes the garrison commander in Birka.
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The Agoojj are a small fighting force of women in West Africa that expands in the 17th century against the much larger Asante and Yoruba Kingdoms; this all-female regiment terrifies both the local populations and the Europeans sent to conquer them.
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Ancient Rome encourages gladiator women to fight to the death in the arena; these young women cultivate the skills they need to survive these gladiatorial games but sometimes die for the sake of public entertainment.
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The origins of the Greek mythology about Amazons may lie with the ancient nomadic warriors of the Eurasian grasslands; hailing from the Scythian tribes, these warriors controlled a swathe from Eastern Europe to Central Asia.

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