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Ellen works in a Los Angeles bookstore called Buy the Book and hangs around with her friends discussing lovers, work and family. The show came under controversy during the fourth season when the title character came out as a lesbian, shortly after Ellen DeGeneres did the same in real life.

Latest episodes

aired 1,010 days ago
Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) joins an animal rights group, goes to jail, and ends up in her parents' custody.
aired 1,025 days ago
After Ellen donates her tax refund to charity, she has trouble retrieving it when the government wants it back.
aired 1,032 days ago
Ellen is a reluctant contestant on "American Gladiators," but she becomes a fighter when an opponent provokes her.
aired 1,032 days ago
Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) enters therapy after having erotic dreams about Adam (Arye Gross).
aired 1,066 days ago
After Ellen's (Ellen DeGeneres) apartment is robbed, she goes overboard in her obsession with security.
aired 1,100 days ago
Ellen takes ballet classes and sets her sights on the lead in her recital.
aired 1,100 days ago
Paige and Ellen (Joely Fisher, Ellen DeGeneres) try to relax at a spa, but the rigorous activities create tension between them.
aired 1,172 days ago
Ellen helps Audrey find an apartment, hopefully far away from hers; Adam tries to catch a newspaper thief.
aired 1,172 days ago
While attempting to expand her horizons, Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) impresses a college professor. With Gregory Paul Martin, Bob Saget and Mary-Kate Olsen.
aired 1,178 days ago
Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) tries to make a new friend (Angela Dohrmann) without offending the one (Clea Lewis) who introduced them.
aired 1,178 days ago
When Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) finally expresses her anger, she thinks the outburst may have killed her neighbor (Nita Talbot).
aired 1,178 days ago
Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) is offered a job after pretending to be an exercise trainer. With Arye Gross.
aired 1,179 days ago
When Adam moves out, Ellen tries to decide what to do with his room.
aired 1,192 days ago
At a wedding rehearsal dinner, Ellen inadvertently causes the breakup of her brother and his bride-to-be.
aired 1,199 days ago
Adam's very funny friend (Kathy Najimy) sparks jealousy in Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres).
aired 1,199 days ago
Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) wants to pursue a relationship with a blind date (Bradley Whitford) after she finds he is not as she remembers.
aired 1,199 days ago
Ellen spies on her reading group to discover who dislikes her.
aired 1,200 days ago
Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) falls for a man (William Ragsdale) who visits the store.
aired 1,200 days ago
After crashing a charity bash, Ellen obsesses about volunteering.
aired 1,207 days ago
Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres) visits a dentist (Harley Venton) and embarrasses herself; Adam (Arye Gross) can't decide what to do about his relationship.
aired 1,207 days ago
Ellen thinks Holly's boyfriend is hitting on her; Ellen is not a hit at work.

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