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Elder Skelter

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After building reputations as model citizens, loving family members, and contributors to society, the oldies but no-longer-goodies profiled in this true-crime series turn into cold, calculating killers. Each hourlong episode presents two stories told with the aid of re-enactments, commentary from local authorities and crime experts, as well as first-person accounts from friends and family of the victims. But perhaps the best part of the series is the age-old wisdom and advice imparted by hosts Lynn Dell Cohen, Joyce Carpati, and Rita Ellis Hammer, celebrated fashionistas often featured in the popular blog Advanced Style. The women guide viewers through each story, a combination that makes "Elder Skelter," says Investigation Discovery, "like watching the `Golden Girls' with age rage."

Latest episodes

aired 401 days ago
A couple is about to divorce for the fourth time; an 80-year-old woman believes she's finally found her dream man.
aired 401 days ago
A 59-year-old man moves back in with his parents, and someone resorts to murder; two old ladies offer to help a man living on the street, but at a price.
aired 401 days ago
The life of a man with everything comes tumbling down; a man finds a woman with a family.

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