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Egypt's Sun King

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Archaeologists find new tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

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A team of archaeologists discover the first new tomb to contain a body since the tomb of Tutankhamon; then, another mystery unravels right next door.

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Hunting Egypt's lost treasures in the Valley of the Kings.
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UCLA professor of Egyptian art and architecture Dr. Kara Cooney leaves the lecture hall for a trip around the world, using her expertise of Egyptian customs and practices as a baseline to study how other ancient societies were formed. Each episode begins in Egypt, where Cooney asks a question that takes her on a fact-finding journey over continents and cultures to study the Mayans of Central America, the Incas of Peru, the Singhalese of Sri Lanka and other civilizations.
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The abundance of history, culture, science and art associated with ancient Egypt belies the fact that details about the civilization's way of life remain a mystery. Science Channel's 10-episode series uses cutting-edge archaeological technology to potentially answer questions that have befuddled Egyptologists for generations. Topics explored include a re-creation of what Queen Cleopatra may have looked like; ancient Egyptians' obsession with death and the afterlife; the civilization's breakthroughs in varied fields, from medicine to engineering; and the truth and lies behind ancient Egypt's best known and loved icons, including the Great Sphinx, Tutankhamun or the lost city of Tanis.
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Alastair Sooke explores the great treasures of ancient Egypt.
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Cinematographer and noted Egyptologist Ramy Romany has produced, directed, filmed and been featured in more than 100 documentaries on ancient Egypt. That experience makes him the ideal host for this series, in which he investigates spellbinding secrets of fascinating burial sites, mass graves and ancient tombs around the world. Each episode finds Romany in the midst of legends, myths, curses and cover-ups, and he seeks to unravel the origin of each mummy and the life that once was. "Mummies Unwrapped" also introduces new theories about how ancient civilizations once lived and died, and shines a light on what, if any, mystical forces or supernatural phenomena may be at work.
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Golden Globe-nominated actor Jason Priestley is the narrator of this series that explores the stories behind some of the world's most enigmatic mummies. With the series spanning four continents and more than 5,000 years, each episode focuses on one mummy, investigating the preserved remains and using CGI to bring the cadaver -- and its story of a past civilization -- to life. The featured mummies include one on display at a shop in downtown Seattle and another that was discovered frozen on a glacier in the Italian Alps.
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An aerial journey across Egypt reveals how the River Nile was the key to the ancients' empire.
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Anthropologist Alice Roberts and archaeologist Neil Oliver investigate Celtic civilization.