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Dragon Ball Super

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When new threats endanger Earth, the world's greatest warriors take their abilities to the next level as rival Saiyans Goku and Vegeta discover new powers with the help of Beerus, the god of destruction, and Whis, his wise guru.

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aired 103 days ago
Desperate for a powerful teammate to replace Majin Buu, Goku proposes to temporarily resurrect Frieza, but Frieza drives a hard bargain; in Universe 6, Kale's training gives birth to a new, savage type of Super Saiyan.
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Alliances shift as warriors seek revenge for fallen comrades; the Saiyans come under attack from all sides; Caulifla and Kale must fend for themselves when Cocotte isolates them with three other fighters.
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Goku and Vegeta attempt to hold off Universe 9's combined forces without spending too much energy so early in the tournament; the first team elimination spells doom for one universe.
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When the battle royal begins, Gohan's plan immediately falls apart as half the Universe 7 team splits up, but those who manage to stick together find strength in numbers against a mish-mash of rivals.
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Gohan and Shin stress using teamwork to win the tournament, but free spirits Goku and Vegeta have doubts; members of different teams come together as the tournament opens.
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Ambushed and outnumbered, Frieza shows his strength, but his psychopathic tendencies may get the best of him.

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