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Double Cross

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A caring and prominent emergency physician and her twin brother, a notorious drug dealer, decide to take matters into their own hands after a sudden rise of sex trafficking in their neighborhood.

Latest episodes

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Detectives Candice and Ryan now have the evidence they need to arrest Erica; Dr. Cintron and Erica can't help their feelings for each other despite the trials of their relationship; Eric and Erica have a stand-off with the police.
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Eric puts his hunch to the test and confronts his neighbor Ms. Audrey; Dr. Cintron and Erica clash about their relationship; Detectives Ryan and Candice get a search warrant for Eric's house.
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Officer Lopez homes in on Erica as the clues start to come together concerning the disappearance of Dr. Lowes; Detectives Ryan and Candice suspect foul play in Kevin's death; Eric gets one step closer to finding out who runs the sex trafficking ring in his community.
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Eric tortures Chauncy, a street thug, for answers about the missing Keisha Jarvis; Dr. Cintron admits his true feelings to Erica; Detective Ryan sends Detective Candice home after she shows up at a murder scene intoxicated.
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Eric helps Erica cover up the murder of her fiance; Eric and Erica vow to find the missing girls in their neighborhood by any means necessary; Dr. Cintron pursues Erica and reveals he wants to mend their friendship.
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As Dr. Erica Cross plans for a wedding, she is shocked to find out her ex is now working in the ER; Detectives Candice and Ryan detain and question Erica's twin brother, Eric, about a murder.

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