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Robotic cat Doraemon is sent back in time from the 22nd century to protect 10-year-old Noby, a lazy and uncoordinated boy who is destined to have a tragic future. When Doraemon arrives and tells the boy about the misfortune that awaits him, Noby commits to changing his ways in an attempt to improve the future for himself and his descendants -- including great-great-grandson Soby, who was the one who sent the robot back in time to help. Doraemon is able to create secret gadgets from a pocket on his stomach to help with the situation, but they usually cause more bad than good because of Noby's propensity to misuse them.

Latest episodes

aired 1,186 days ago
Doraemon and Noby rescue a broken-down spaceship with a rabbit-like creature inside while alien invaders are on the way.
aired 1,187 days ago
Doraemon erases feature on Noby's face; five crazy Doraemon clones are called to help Noby with his homework.
aired 1,188 days ago
Noby is praised by his teacher for cleaning up his classroom; Big G calls it quits with his dog Pork Chop.
aired 1,189 days ago
Noby discovers a magical, pacifying wand, but abuses his new power by repeatedly using it on Big G; a Martian spaceship.
aired 1,190 days ago
A cat-like robot is sent by a boy from the future to the present to help his grandfather.
aired 1,193 days ago
Noby fools around with one of Doraemon's gadgets; crank-calling an alien invader; Any Day Calendar gadget.
aired 1,195 days ago
A cat-like robot is sent by a boy from the future to the present to help his grandfather.
aired 1,196 days ago
Noby hatches a plan to go back in time to try life as a prehistoric caveman.
aired 1,197 days ago
Doraemon shows Noby a gadget that lets him choose his own dreams.
aired 1,200 days ago
Doraemon's gadget turns anything into its most highly evolved descendent or its earliest ancestor.
aired 1,201 days ago
Noby uses a gadget to convince his friends that he's a great magician; Doraemon shows Noby a magic lamp gadget.
aired 1,202 days ago
A cat-like robot is sent by a boy from the future to the present to help his grandfather.
aired 1,203 days ago
Doraemon tries a special elixir from the future with surprising results; dinosaurs appear in the forest just outside of town.
aired 1,204 days ago
Noby makes a black hole that sucks in Sneech's comic book; Noby and Doraemon tune in to their friends' dreams.
aired 1,207 days ago
Doraemon tries to help Noby by giving him a gadget that makes pictures move; a gadget that follows a chain of friends.
aired 1,208 days ago
Doraemon and Noby use a gadget to turn their house into a maze; Noby and Doraemon try to save Sue's birthday.
aired 1,209 days ago
Noby is unable to master stilts but has an encounter instead; Doraemon challenges Noby and Big G.
aired 1,210 days ago
Noby plots to use the time machine to cheat; Noby needs to fix Doraemon.
aired 1,211 days ago
Noby tries to trade smarts and body parts with Sue; Doraemon takes charge of Noby's dreams.
aired 1,218 days ago
Sneech won't let Noby ride in his cousin's supercar; Noby's fibs about how strong his father is.
aired 1,225 days ago
Doraemon shows Noby a gadget that can copy the abilities of any machine; Noby learns some very important lessons in cloud-riding.

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