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Colorful pop band The Doodlebops encourage kids to dance and sing along to their music. Geared toward preschoolers, Rooney, Moe, and Deedee Doodle also teach age-appropriate lessons. Segments include "Doodlebops Dance of the Day" with step-by-step instructions for viewers.

Latest episodes

aired today
The Doodlebops search for their missing instruments.
aired 1 day ago
Deedee and Rooney work on a new song.
aired 2 days ago
Deedee has trouble with the tricks for her new magic act; she makes things disappear but can't make them appear again.
aired 3 days ago
The gang shows Moe the benefits of being short.
aired 4 days ago
The gang discovers strange tracks while learning about dinosaurs.
aired 7 days ago
Deedee and Moe try to go out to fly their new kite; Rooney holds them up when he can't stop asking questions.
aired 8 days ago
Deedee's birthday.
aired 9 days ago
Mazz copes with a bad day by counting to 10 and shares his technique with his friends.
aired 10 days ago
The gang learns to accept and enjoy an unusual day.
aired 11 days ago
The gang tries to find the sounds for a new song.
aired 14 days ago
Moe discovers that reading can be fun.
aired 15 days ago
The gang finds a lost puppy.
aired 16 days ago
The bus won't start, the Doodlebops must find a way to get to the concert.
aired 17 days ago
Deedee pretends to be a queen; she gets carried away bossing around Rooney and Moe.
aired 18 days ago
When a storm causes the power to go out, the Doodlebops talk about their fears.
aired 21 days ago
Judy's jumping inspires Deedee to create a last-minute act.
aired 22 days ago
Rooney tries a new invention that makes things go fast and things go slow on Moe.
aired 23 days ago
The Doodlebops plan to answer fan mail but get distracted by a parade.
aired 24 days ago
Rooney tries to see a very rare bird; he learns that persistence pays off.
aired 25 days ago
Rooney and Moe are suspicious of Deedee's new tap shoes.
aired 28 days ago
When the Doodlebops try to record songs separately, they learn they don't sound as good without each other.

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