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Dog: Impossible: New Leash

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Enhanced episodes of "Dog: Impossible" follow Matt Beisner as he uses innovative approaches to modify canine behavior and focuses on each animal's unique needs.

Latest episodes

aired 254 days ago
Matt Beisner transforms a dog on the brink of disaster.
aired 254 days ago
Matt Beisner helps a dog crippled with fear.
aired 254 days ago
Matt Beisner repairs a brotherly bond that has gone out of control.
aired 254 days ago
Matt helps save a marriage torn by a rescue dog.

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Dog behavior specialist Matt Beisner and his team help owners learn how to handle their aggressive and misunderstood animals, and rescue and rehabilitate dogs from local shelters that have been turned away by other facilities.
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The "Dog Whisperer" is back, this time to answer emergency calls from communities terrorized by unruly canines. Renowned dog behavior authority Cesar Millan is beckoned by the relatives, friends, neighbors or co-workers of someone whose four-legged menace has turned lives upside down. In each episode, Millan meets with the whistle-blowers in a briefing session, then he evaluates both the pets and the owners through impromptu visits to the neighborhood locations to see dogs display their doggone behavior and watch how owners react. After rehabilitation programs are set up, Cesar uses surveillance cameras to track progress and ensure a lasting solution. The final test comes when all parties gather together in the community -- owners equipped with the knowledge and tools Cesar has provided, and dogs ready to prove they did learn new tricks.
With a unique ability to see the world through their eyes, renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan rehabilitates all manner of troubled canines in this popular reality series, and often that involves Millan not only teaching dogs new tricks but also training their owners how to achieve a balanced relationship with their pets.
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