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Dino Hunters

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Cowboys and ranchers rely on their deep knowledge of the land to search for prehistoric dinosaur fossils.

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Clayton Phipps and his team prepare to flip a 20,000-pound carnivore fossil out of the earth and onto a flatbed to get it to the lab for analysis; Mike Harris hunts for a duckbill skull; Jared Hudson uncovers an ancient reptile.
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Clayton Phipps continues his excavation of a rare carnivorous dinosaur on his Montana ranch; Mike Harris and son Jake prepare to sell their prized tyrannosaurus-rex fossil; Aaron Bolan hunts for an ankylosaurus.
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Dinosaur fossil season has begun, and Montana rancher Clayton Phipps finds what might be an extremely rare and valuable fossil on his family's property.
airs in 12 days
With their prized carnivore fossil finally at the lab, Clayton returns to his ranch in Montana to hunt for quick finds at Old Faithful. In Wyoming, Mike Harris and his team continue excavating their triceratops site hoping to uncover the valuable horns.
airs in 5 days
Clayton must haul his 20,000-pound dinosaur fossil over 200 miles to a lab where it will finally be identified; the Harris/Bolan clan chases poachers off of their land; Jared makes a last-ditch effort to bring in some money this season.