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In the second season of the "Dino Dan" franchise, younger brother Trek joins the fun with Dan when he gains the ability to see the dinosaurs as well, allowing him to find out what Dan already knows -- dinosaurs are everywhere. Like his brother, 10-year-old Trek is obsessed with the creatures -- he eats, sleeps and breathes dinosaurs. Trek joins Dan and a new group of friends on adventures to find out about their favorite prehistoric creatures, including new dinos that include the albertosaurus and the microraptor.

Latest episodes

VOD available
Doug tries to save a baby Edmontosaurus; Dan learns if the T-Rex was nocturnal.
VOD available
Dan teaches Uncle Jack how to fish; Dan and his little brother track a stegosaurus through the woods.
VOD available
The kids do a project for art class, but they can't agree on some aspects of the dinosaurs.
VOD available
Dan learns how dinosaurs get their names; Dan tries to discover where a mysterious feather came from.
VOD available
Surprise birthday party for Dan; Dan teaches Trek to ride a bike.
aired 10 days ago
Dan defends his mother's garden with a dino-trap; Dan tells a dinosaur tale featuring the Spinosaurus.
aired 13 days ago
Dan is convinced that the mystery egg in class is a dinosaur egg; Dan creates a papier-mache skull in art class.
aired 17 days ago
Dan tries to discover what put a large dent in the school bus; Dan learns that the T-Rex is a hunter and a scavenger.
aired 21 days ago
Dan teaches a baby Triceratops how to protect itself from a Spinosaurus; a Dromaeosaurs steals Cory's snack.
aired 22 days ago
A Pterodactylus is trapped in Dan's house; Dan puts a camera into a Triceratops' nest.
aired 23 days ago
Jim the reptile expert helps Dan figure out which dinosaurs were warm-blooded; Dan wants to see the Euoplocephalus use its tail to defend itself.
aired 24 days ago
Dan figures out which dinosaur left a prehistoric coprolite;Dan learn that dinosaur gas might have helped cause the extinction of the dinosaurs.
aired 27 days ago
A visit to the dentist helps Dan learn that the shape of a dinosaur's teeth reveals if it eats meat or plants; Dan tests how dinosaurs attack using a Triceratops decoy made of snow.
aired 28 days ago
Dan thinks there's a compsognathus under his bed; Dan makes a kite in art class.
aired 29 days ago
Dan needs Angie's help in art class; Dan discovers a way to communicate with two Corythosauruses.
aired 151 days ago
Dan takes the poem "The Night Before Christmas" and gives it a dinosaur spin; Dan wants to see the Euoplocephalus use its powerful tail and Trek wants to see it snow.
aired 154 days ago
Dan wonders if Stegosaurus can change colors; a new take on "The Night Before Christmas."
airs in 9 days
Dan races a T. Rex and a Spinosaurus to see who's faster; two cavemen try to catch a baby T. Rex.
airs in 2 days
Dan tries to get a baby T. Rex back to its mother; Dan's police officer mom comes to school.

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