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Comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay attempts a career resurgence in this semiautobiographical scripted comedy series. Living in the Las Vegas suburbs, he tries to balance living a normal life with trying for a comeback to the glory days when he was at the height of his fame. Now, though, he has other things to worry about, including repaying gambling debts, managing his son's heavy metal band and fending off pumped-up fans. With the show's setting being Las Vegas, it features a bevy of guest stars, including comedian Michael Rapaport, legendary crooner and Vegas mainstay Wayne Newton, and illusionist Criss Angel.

Latest episodes

aired 609 days ago
Dice is at an all-time low after losing Carmen, Milkshake and his job, and tries to stay positive until learning he's lost one more thing: his identity.
aired 610 days ago
Dice gets cast in a film, but he soon finds out that everything doesn't revolve around him; an old friend visits Dice to discuss a promise from thirty years ago.
aired 611 days ago
Left alone after his family leaves for the weekend, Dice strikes up an unusual friendship with an old man locked in a room across the street.
aired 612 days ago
Dice gets a new gig on the live broadcast of "Monroe: The Musical," but develops issues with the star; trying to confront the problem, Dice discovers how intense Las Vegas politics can get.
aired 617 days ago
Carmen is arrested just as her parents arrive in town, leaving Dice to keep them under control; Dice attempts to help his lawyer with an out-of-control personal problem.
aired 618 days ago
When Dice learns an old stalker lives and works around the corner from him, he sets out to protect himself.
aired 619 days ago
Dice becomes cursed to live his life as if "The Diceman" never existed; Dice tries to win over Carmen, who does not recognize him.
aired 624 days ago
When an old friend returns with newly acquired wealth, Dice's place at the top is threatened, and his jealous behavior causes him to lose Milkshake.
aired 625 days ago
Milkshake uses an alias at a steakhouse to imply mob connections; a Hollywood agent replaces Dice as manager of his son's band.
aired 626 days ago
After learning that Carmen is still receiving alimony, Dice tries to get work, but the early morning meeting proves difficult.
aired 631 days ago
When a plaster mold of his penis goes missing, Dice gets upset; Criss Angel uses his magic against Dice for dinging his Lamborghini.
aired 632 days ago
Spurred on by the results of a sex quiz, Dice is determined to make Carmen "boil" in bed; Adrien Brody wants to shadow Dice.
aired 633 days ago
When trying to buy a wedding gift for Carmen's brother, Dice is distracted by the casino, then must rush around to make it to the ceremony on time.

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