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Dexter's Laboratory

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Sleep tight, America! Your fate lies safely in the hands of Dexter, a child genius who whips up dazzling, world-saving inventions in his secret laboratory. Big sister Dee Dee frequently wrecks his experiments, but his bigger nemesis is Mandark, his brilliant rival at Huber Elementary School. Mom and Dad, of course, have no idea what their little angel is up to.

Latest episodes

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Dexter tries to find a cure for his vegetable phobia; Dexter tries to find Dee Dee's imaginary friend; Dexter stops time.
VOD available
Dee Dee is made a game master; Dad is challenged to arm-wrestle at a truck stop.
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Brain transplant; restaurant fun; wrench in the robot.
VOD available
Dexter grows a synthetic beard; Dexter and Mandark compete at the show and tell; Dexter and Dee Dee explore the ant farm.
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Dee Dee tries on Dexter's new inflatable suit and floats way.
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Dexter must recapture a dinosaur-doggie beast; Monkey is hypnotized to do evil; Dexter's brain shuts down.
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Cloning machine overheats; interplanetary cookout; people change to animals.
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Dexter has a new rival with a bigger laboratory; a space chimp wants to destroy mankind; Dexter tires of being young.
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Dexter makes an armored suit for gym class; intergalactic wrestler challenges all comers; Dee Dee helps Dexter on a project.
VOD available
Dexter sends Dee Dee back in time; Monkey defends the city; Dexter's mother is ill.

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