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Decker: Mindwipe

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Special Agent Jack Decker has been left with an empty mind after all of his memories have been erased. Master codebreaker Jonathan Kington is one of Decker's close friends and colleagues who attempt to help him regain his memories. Kington and others recount fascinating stories from Decker's past in hopes that they can help him regain his identity and once again become the man he once was. Show creators Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington star as Decker and Kington, respectively.

Latest episodes

aired 403 days ago
President Decker Jr. and his subordinate Kington go on an other-worldly mission.
aired 404 days ago
Terrorism turns Kington's dream cruise into a nightmare; Decker finds a calling in rock 'n' roll.
aired 408 days ago
Kington experiences health issues when he and Decker trek through the desert.
aired 409 days ago
When a fellow veteran is murdered, Decker's search for truth pits him against the whole healthcare system.
VOD available
Decker is visited by his oldest friend, Lanoi, who tells the story of a much-needed vacation in New Orleans.
VOD available
A traumatic experience leaves Decker in rough shape; Davidson recounts a time when Decker helped him win a presidential election.

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