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Deadly Game

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Nature documentary series.

Latest episodes

aired 197 days ago
When something goes wrong for an animal there is either a fight or an attack.
aired 197 days ago
Herbivores run a gauntlet of predators everyday, which can lead to nature's greatest escapes.
aired 197 days ago
From the day they are born, predatory animals embark on a long path of training.

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Put up your dukes -- er, paws -- and prepare to discover epic, bone-shattering clashes between some of the world's deadliest predators. From lions, tigers and bears to meerkats, mongoose and mice, the series features testosterone-induced battles between some of the biggest, baddest and often surprising fighters in the animal kingdom, revealing the extraordinary motivations and strategies that fuel each incredible brawl.
Aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan gets up close and personal with bizarre giants of the water, specimens equally enormous in proportion and odd in appearance. Among other adventures, Hogan investigates flying fish from Asia that are invading America's waterways, and he searches for one of North America's toothiest and most-misunderstood monster fish, the alligator gar. Some of the species Hogan encounters have survived for centuries but now face the threat of extinction, and he presents groundbreaking research undertaken to protect them.